Constitution Class (Refit)

The Constitution class starship is the one that started it all. No other ship has received the singular level of attention that the Connie h...


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The Constitution class starship is the one that started it all. No other ship has received the singular level of attention that the Connie has over the years, with some seriously out-there refits and the most recent controversies over the upcoming film's version of the original (and to many, the best) starship. Some believe that starship design and everything after is simply a waste of effort 'cause the refit Constitution simply enhances the original, simple, legendary design. With the experiences of Kirk's Enterprise (both of them) in this class of starship, and the six films that chronicled those adventures, it's hard to disagree.

Jetfreak's retexture of Rick Knox's previous version of this design (ported to A2 by Beginner) is simply evidence of the beauty and the power that makes the legendary Constitution the "ship of dreams" for many a Trekker. It's a bit big (over 2500 poly) for a cruiser, and doesn't come with a wireframe, but the results achieved by Jetfreak aren't to be detracted from regardless.

It's good to see Jetfreak back in action, and in such fine form. This Constitution certainly commnends itself to your immediate attention.

Download this fantastic starship right now.


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Download '' (2.66MB)

Constitution Class (Refit)

- My latest release in a quite a while, this is basically p81s Connie retextured with an all new texture set closer to the one seen in the films.

- The ship currently stands at 2500+ polygons.

- A Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture have been included. Sadly, no wireframe again.

- The ship has been balanced to stock A2.


Model: Original model by p81. Converted by Beginner
Textures: Pentserv22, edited by Jetfreak
ODF: Jetfreak
Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture: Jetfreak
Screenshots: Jetfreak

The Constitution Class (Refit):

Introduced: 2271
Ship type: Heavy Cruiser
Length: 305m.

Beyond minor modifications, the already successful Constitution saw no major changes until the 2270s, when a significant refit had been more than earned. Upgrade proposals all shared a more efficient powerplant, with some versions streamlining the hull for greater warpfield geometrics, and others emphasizing enhanced weaponry or science capability; the final design merged many of the proposals. Eventually, after years of planning, The first major vessel refitted was Enterprise, and its success ensured the refit of the rest, bringing the Constitution fleet in line with newer technologies and considerably extending its life.

However, With the advent of the newer, bigger, and faster Excelsior class heavy cruisers, most of the remaining Constitutions were either completely retired from service or turned over to Starfleet Academy for the purpose of training vessels. This marked the end of their undisputed reign as the Federation's top class mainline starship. 

Today, Constitutions are still seen in some parts of the Federation, either as training vessels or as civilian owned ships. A few have also been converted into museums, commemorating a golden era in space exploration. 

Notable Ships: 
USS Enterprise NCC-1701
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
USS Constitution NCC-1700


1) Open the SOD Folder and put the fconstitutionr.sod in the folder

2) Open the odf/ships Folder and put the fconstitutionr.odf in the folder

3) Open the bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages Folder and put the fconstitutionr.bmp in the folder

4) Open the Textures/RGB Folder and place the all TGA files in the folder

5) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fconstitutionr.odf 1 fyard.odf

6) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fconstitutionr 0

7) Open gui_global.spr located in the sprites folder and add the following line: (make sure that they are aligned properly)
b_fconstitutionr gbfconstitutionr 0 0 64 64

8) Open the odf/stations folder, open fbase.odf and add the following line:
add under the list of builditems

buildItemX = "fconstitutionr" ( The X stands for the next number on the list)


Thats it youre good to go! Connie ready for launch...

You can use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

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