Constitution Phase I (Star Trek XI Version)

Earlier this week Sin released a basic model of the new Enterprise. This new model represents a considerable improvement over that original...


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Earlier this week Sin released a basic model of the new Enterprise. This new model represents a considerable improvement over that original effort, although for obvious reasons it's not exactly perfect to what you'll see in May of 2009 in theatres.

The improvements to this model (the nacelles and stardrive have come a LONG way since 1.0) speak for themselves, and considering that all that there's been to proceed from here has been a still photograph of a fleeting shot in the trailer of the film, this is a really noteworthy effort and one worthy of your download.

Take a close look at this one, and keep your hopes up for this new movie.

And once again, keep your comments about the download, not about the design of the ship or the movie or anything beyond the way this model looks and behaves in-game, please and thank you.


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Title		Constitution Phase I Class (Star Trek XI Version)
Version		2.0
Author		Sin87
Date Finished	2008 Nov 29

Model		Sin87
Odfs		Sin87
Textures	Saucer			Khaliban for the originals, modified by mangledduk
		Sec Hull		Non-Copyrighted Texture, modified by Sin87
		Bus & Deflector		Star Trek Legacy, modified by Sin87
		Shuttle Bay, Glows	Sin87

Though Khaliban & mangledduk are credited for the work on the textures I use, the author of
the file I downloaded was someone by the username "Temporary". That file canbe found here.;19982

A few days ago I released a quickly built version of the new Enterprise, though it wasn’t top
notch it did allow us to now have the new Enterprise or at least something that resembles it.

Since that release I’ve gone & had it almost totally rebuilt. I've given her a new secondary
hull, torpedo launcher, neck, pylons & nacelles. I also had the saucer section slightly
modified to match the TMP & not the "just a dome on top of a saucer" look.

1. UnZip the file into your Armada 2 main directory
2. Open your gui_global.spr in the misc folder and scroll down to where is says

	# Federation buildbuttons

copy this right below the "@reference=128" line

b_hf1701XI		gbYoungKirk	0	0	128	128
b_fCstit1XI		gbfCstit1XI	0	0	128	128

then find the line "@reference=256" & copy this right below it

	# Federation wireframes

then right below copy & paste this right below it

hf1701XIw1		whf1701XI	0	0	256	256
hf1701XIw2		whf1701XI	0	0	256	256
hf1701XIw3		whf1701XI	0	0	256	256
hf1701XIw4		whf1701XI	0	0	256	256
hf1701XIw5		whf1701XI	0	0	256	256

fCstit1XIw1		wfCstit1XI	0	0	256	256
fCstit1XIw2		wfCstit1XI	0	0	256	256
fCstit1XIw3		wfCstit1XI	0	0	256	256
fCstit1XIw4		wfCstit1XI	0	0	256	256
fCstit1XIw5		wfCstit1XI	0	0	256	256

3. Open in the techtrees folder and add the line

fCstit1XI.odf	0	// Constitution Phase I Class - Star Trek XI Version
hf1701XI.odf	0	// USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Star Trek XI Version

4. Open one of your shipyard files (fyard.odf, fyard2.odf) & add the following line to the
build section. Remember the "x" at the end of "buildItemX" should be replaced with the number
that follows the last build item in that yard build list.

buildItemX = "fCstit1XI"
buildItemX = "hf1701XI"

5. Now just play & when you go to the shipyard which you told to build her will now be able to
construct this vessel.


You may use this unit in your Armada mod, but if you want to port this unit to other games
then please do contact me as I do plan to release this to Legacy.

If you use this model then you must include the credits above in your mod, however please do
not alter any aspect of the model without contacting me first.

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