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From the Mail:

The Cornelian Fighter is a ship from Starfox Assault, a gamecube game. More information can be found within the readme itself. The ship comes with everything a typical ship add-on has except a wireframe.

Well, I can't say I know much about Star Fox, but the ship itself looks pretty nice (nice and spiky that is). It also comes in a complete package, Build Button & Admirals Log picture, though, as it says in the description, there is no Wireframe.

Two Final notes. If there is a problem of any sort (regarding legal terms of this file) PM myself, Joel or Freyr. DO NOT Post within the Comments Section. Secondly, it is said in the ReadMe not to ask / mention about the Halo Modification, so please stick to that. Those that feel they need to break this request will find their comments deleted.

Other than that, it seems to be a fairly decent addition.

- Ash



~~~~~~Cornelian Fighter Ship-Addon~~~~~~

----Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Credits
IV. Other Stuff
V. Contact Info

----I: Introduction

~This mod will add on the Cornelian Fighter ship into Armada 2. For those
of you who are unaware of what a Cornelian Fighter is, its a ship seen very
briefly during the Gamecube game "Starfox Assault." The link below is to a youtube
video of the first couple minutes of Assault, with the fighter shown almost immediately as
firing the blue lasers.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWTzxPSgPM

~The Armada 2 Ship is equipeed with four lasers similar in design to those seen in the video clip. It also has a
photon launcher plus several Federation Special weapons. Admiral's Log Pictures and a build button are included,
meaning all thats missing is a wireframe. Feel free to create/upload one if you so choose to do so.

~The model is approxamtely 950 triangles at the most, so you shouldnt have any problem with 16+ ships on screen
and moving about. 

----II: Installation

Step 1: Place the files into thier correct places. This means whatever is in this mod's
ODF folder goes in your ODF folder, and so on. You shouldn't be overwriting any files,
so copying the folders directly should work fine.

Step 2: Open your GUI_Global file in your Armada 2 Sprites folder.
Search for this line:

b_fspecial			gbfspecial		0	0	64	64	

Once you've found it, add the following line underneath it:

b_CornelianFighter		cornelianfighterbutton	0	0	64	64

Step 3: Save the changes to your GUI_Global file and open up ur tech1 file in the Armada2 techtree folder.
Scroll all the way to the bottom (or wherever you choose to place this line) and add the following:

//Cornelian Fighter
CornelianFighter.odf 0

Step 4: Save the changes to the tech1 file. Now open up your favorite shipyard and add the following line 
under where it has the builditem list:

buildItemX = "CornelianFighter"

The X stands for the # after the last one in the builditem list of the shipyard.

Step 5: Start up Armada 2 and enjoy!

----III: Credits

Original Model: Lightning
Reconstruction/Error Fixing: Ultimate Dragon
Textures: Ultimate Dragon
ODF, SOD, TGA : Ultimate Dragon
Build Button and Admirals Log pic: Ultimate Dragon

----IV: Other Stuff

~The Full Starfox mod for Armada 2 is almost done, I only need to finsh
the Assault Greatfox and Assault Wolfen before it is ready for release.
Please also note that this model was originally designed for my Starfox
Halo mod, so its not as shiney in the Armada 2 engine. 

~If anyone would like to challenge the validity of this model or any other model, I will
happily provide proof to the questionee. 

----V. Contact Info

Ultimate Dragon can be reached by:

MSN/Email: [email protected]
Commenting under this file

Please do not keep asking about the Halo mod, as stated above I'm trying to get it
re-posted. Also, please don't randomly add me to your MSN buddy list unless you
need a serious question answered.

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