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The Kalinka, a Constitution class from 'The Pirkinning' is cool. Don't just take my word for it either, look at the pics below. Firstly, it's a Constitution class. Cool. It has damage textures. Awesome. It is well balanced. Nice. It's just all cool. The basics of it is the very ship seen in the fan-made film, captained by Sergey Fukov (yes, I know) which swoops in and fire's a few twinklers here and there, you know, the usual when armed with twinkle beams of death. Although, it isn't quite as powerful as demonstrated in the film. The ship has just one beam and torpedo whilst her hull is pitiful. Don't worry though as resources are more than balanced to compensate for its weaponry short-comings.

Included though is a build button and admiral's pic (no wireframe, but I suggest simply using a standard Constitution one) along with all other necessary files. The quality of the ship and textures is very high, whilst the edited burn marks fit in very easily and don't have that 'I've just learnt to use Microsoft Paint' feel to them. All in all, a very nice ship, worthy of a download. The only other point to make is that whilst it's set-up for a Federation ship, you could just as easily not make it one. Perhaps one day we'll get a full Pirkinning fleet.



CPP Kalinka
By: Jetfreak
How to install: (Don't worry It's easy)

1) put the Fkalinka ODF file in ODf/ships folder
   put the Fkalinka file in SOD folder
   put all the TGA Files in the Textures/RGB folder
   put the fkalinka BMP File in the Bitmaps/admirals log/shipimages folder

2) Open "tech1.tt" and insert the following line:
   fkalinka.odf 0

3) Open "fulltech.tt" and insert the following line: 
   fkalinka.odf 0

4) Open "gui_global.spr" and insert the following:
   b_fkalinka		gbfkalinka 		0	0	64	64

5) Open "fbase.odf" and insert the line

   buildItem# = "fkalinka" (replace # with the next number down)

That's it you're done!!!


Concept: Star Wreck-"In the Pirkinning" (original version)
Original Model and Textures: Rick Knox (aka "P81")
Model Conversion and Polygon Reduction: Beginner 
Textures: From Pentserv22's Constitution texture pack (V1.0) which are modifications of P81's. I only added the proper registries and other edits to the Textures.

Jetfreak out!

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