Crimson Fleet Ship - "Jagged-Edge Class"



What will hopefully be the first of many mods from the "Crimson Fleet" design, this design stunned me at first looking. It's bold colours, although unusual for the Federation, work extremely well in my opinion. It's majestic design yet brutal yield make's it a prominent destroyer, easily capable of destroying bigger ships, providing they work in a similar style to the Galor "wolf-packs" of three ships. Of course, this power does not make it a God ship for it has many draw-backs: it's built out of the first shipyard (providing you don't edit it) as part of some late research, it has a weak hull and moderate shielding. But as mentioned above, it's yield of four photon torpedoes and a cruiser phaser array, coupled with the swooping movements of it's fast speed's and cloaking device will make it a force to be reckoned-with.

As mentioned in the readme, the Jagged-Edge class ship was born from the success of the Defiant project, which we all know worked to a great success. In fact, my only gripe with this ship is that it need's it's Crimson Fleet sisters to make it whole, otherwise it stands out, but let your enemy worry about that as they will have to contend with it, not you!

Finally, as a ship to add to your masses of Federation shipyards, I say so. It has somthing that unfortuenately, quite a few designs (including canon ones) lack, and that is originality.

However, one must get formal. These changes were made to the file after I recieved it from Capt_Syf: -After being instructed to test it by Syf and not finding the problem, Kel took it and had a look, giving back to me the mod in folders, so you can now extract-and-play with little hassle. This means the gui_global entry in the readme is incorrect, but I shall leave this as it is as the gui_global with the entries is already in there, along with the fyard and some tech tree files. -I added an Admiral's Pic while testing it myself, so that has also been included for your use. -Please note, the material's included are otherwise all Syf's, so please take this into account. If you want to gain permission for this, go to him, this work was done as extra.



Thank you for taking the time to download this mod. I sure hope you enjoy using it.

Jagged-edge Class by CaptSyf

Background Story: After repeated assaults by forces such as the Borg and Dominion,
Stafleet commisioned a new task force called Crimson fleet. The task force was based 
on the success of the defiant class project.It's mission to develope and deploy specifically
designed assault starships to serve as a front line against high risk threats like 
the borg and dominion. After 6 years of developement, the task force was already well
into production of the first group of these newly designed ships. Now you are put in 
command of them, to protect the federation from unknown advanced threats.

Developer: CaptSyf
Build time: 4 hrs (actual)
	Note: All materials are 100% by myself

Files included:


Place all TGAs, ODFs, and SODs in their respective folders.

Next, to be able to build the ship, add these lines to the files listed.

guiglobal.spr Note: Some modding knowledge needed here:

(this line goes into the federation build button list)
b_fcrimflt3			gbfcrimflt3		0	0	64	64

(these lines go into the 256 wire section for the federation wire listings)
fcrimflt3w1			fcrimwire01	0	0	48	48		
fcrimflt3w2			fcrimwire01	48	0	48	48		
fcrimflt3w3			fcrimwire01	96	0	48	48		
fcrimflt3w4			fcrimwire01	144	0	48	48		
fcrimflt3w5			fcrimwire01	192	0	48	48

Next, add the listing to the Tech1.tt file (in the federation ship listings):
fcrimflt3.odf 0 				// crimson cruiser 3

And last but not least, add it to one of your yard files (like Fyard), so it can actually be built, like this:
buildItem4 = "fcrimflt3"

After that, if all was installed right, you should be able to enjoy the use of this mod.

By downloading and/or installing this mod, you agree not to hold anyone reponsible for any damages that may or may not have been because of this program or any of the files herein.This is an "As-IS" only program, and you are not entitled to any warranties or such. This is a beta release, and may or may not work correctly, so use at your own risk.These files were made by me, and not in any relation to Paramount, Viacom, Activision, Maddoc, nor any other parties. These files are to be used freely, for only "NOT FOR PROFIT" usage. You may use these files in a mod you are making, however with these conditions. 1.) You must credit me for these files. 2.) You may not modify any of the files in part what so ever.3.) You contact me via PM on Armadafleetcommand to let me know.

Thank you again, and enjoy!

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