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What we have here is a new mod that alters the Borg side, quite dramatically really.

After looking through it, I have mixed feelings into...


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What we have here is a new mod that alters the Borg side, quite dramatically really.

After looking through it, I have mixed feelings into the results, which are: -The Fusion Cubes have been replaced in terms of models with a re-scaled basic Tactical/Cube model and textures, which honestly, isn't that bad an idea. -Technology required to build the behemoths is extensive, which is something else I like. You'll have to do all your level 2 research to get the Fusion Cube and then level 3 for the Tactical Version. Then again, looking over the Tactical Fusion Cube, it's a pure-bred base destroyer with some very heavy armaments (two would destroy a starbase in under 10 seconds, without a doubt). -Officer counts for the Cube and Tactical Cube are reduced. I'm not too fond on this, with the idea being that Cubes now only have 5 officers with Tactical Cubes having a mere 7. This, whilst designed to allow for more Fusion versions, is a little too much for me, as the amount of Cubes accessible would be un-balanced I believe. -Assault ship replaced with Queen's Diamond. This, again, I think is extensive, especially the whopping 30 officers required to build, which is just a little too much in my opinion. Granted, the ship is powerful, but not *that* powerful. -A new build option of a portable shipyard to build straight off the fusion cubes. It's an okay idea, but with the other changes, I don't think it will be wholly effective.

Whilst I've seemingly poured in a lot of cynicism, you'd have to find out for yourself the balancing issues but, for early game play, I supposed it would make the Borg a little more balanced, so for that part, I like this mod.

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This mod is for those who don't like the present fusion cubes that come with the game. 
Now they come ready to to play in-game as you can either BUILD them!
Or you can join them together as usual with 8 cubes! You can choose
They are still BIG but will look like the tactical cube. One bigger than the one before!


Fusion Cubes are available to build once ALL level 2 shields systems are researched.

They have two phaser and photon ports for balance but have hero holding beam ready to 
assimalate! Special weapon energy is in aplenty!

Tactical Fusion Cubes will be ready once level 3 weapons systems are researched.

They have four phaser ports doing 600 points damage each!! 
Hero holding beam and a new special weapon: 
Repair Bot; to quicken regenration in other Borg. Restores 100% systems and 75% shields.

(The self destruct has been removed from both fusion cubes!! Also Officer cost has been reduced
in all cubes to allow more to build for balance)
Cube: 5 offciers X8 = 40 officers for Fusion Cube. Weakened hull
Tactical Cube: 7 Officers X8 = 56 for Tactical Fusion Cube) Stronger hull.

The Borg Queen Diamond will be the new assault craft - she's itching to lead the attack! 
(there is more than one Queen afterall so a loss won't be too bad!), 
Officer cost is very high @30 so you can't have a whole fleet but she'll pack a wallop!
(She comes with Repair Bot also and two other standard Queen hero weapons Burst and Remod)

Advanced assemblers finalise the upgrade, the assault ships have been turned into constructors 
with warp and weapon capabilty. (The Borg use holding beams rather than marines I feel)
They are moveable shipyards that can build the fusion cubes now.

To install:


bbattle1,2,3 & 4.odfs
bassault.odf 		all to odf/ships folder

badv.odf to odf/stations

All SODs to SOD folder
bitmaps to bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages
tgas to Textures/RGB

locate your Sprite folder, find gui_global.spr and open add after last Borg entry:

b_adv		gbbassault	0	0	64	64 (align as needed)

find these entries and override with these:

bassaultw1			borgwireframe04	0	0	48	48 (align if needed)	
bassaultw2			borgwireframe04	48	0	48	48		
bassaultw3			borgwireframe04	96	0	48	48		
bassaultw4			borgwireframe04	144	0	48	48		
bassaultw5			borgwireframe04	192	0	48	48

bbattle3w1			borgwireframe01	0	48	48	48		
bbattle3w2			borgwireframe01	48	48	48	48		
bbattle3w3			borgwireframe01	96	48	48	48		
bbattle3w4			borgwireframe01	144	48	48	48		
bbattle3w5			borgwireframe01	192	48	48	48

bbattle4w1			borgwireframe01	0	48	48	48		
bbattle4w2			borgwireframe01	48	48	48	48		
bbattle4w3			borgwireframe01	96	48	48	48		
bbattle4w4			borgwireframe01	144	48	48	48		
bbattle4w5			borgwireframe01	192	48	48	48	
and then add:

badvw1				borgwireframe03	0	0	48	48		
badvw2				borgwireframe03	48	0	48	48		
badvw3				borgwireframe03	96	0	48	48		
badvw4				borgwireframe03	144	0	48	48		
badvw5				borgwireframe03	192	0	48	48

Save and close, now find your techtree folder, open and locate, open

Alter the assault ship by ensuring it looks like this

bassault.odf	1	bresear2.odf	// assault diamond

now add
bbattle3.odf	1 	borpod12.odf	// fusion cube
bbattle4.odf	1	borpod21.odf	// tactical cube

Under the last Borg station add:
badv.odf	1	byard.odf	// advanced assembler

Save and close, now find and open fulltech.odf

Under the last Borg entry add: (the others should already be there!)
badv.odf	0	(align if needed)


To add this new special weapon do the following;

odfs to odf/special weapons

Relocate gui_global and under last special weapon entry (scroll down) add:

b_gfedrep2		gbfedrepair00		0	0	64	64 
									(align if needed)

Locate your techtree folder again, open and under last Borg special weapon add

gfedrep2.odf	0			// repair bot			(align if needed)

Save and close and locate and under last Borg special weapon add:

gfedrep2.odf	0 							(align if needed)

Now you are ready to max the Borg! Resistance is futile!

Full credits to Activision, I have simply tweaked what was already there to give the Borg an


Any probs e-mail [email protected]

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