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Well, this is ideal for you BSG fans out there ;) - I can't say I'm a fan of the show (to be honest, I've never watched it) - at least no...


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Well, this is ideal for you BSG fans out there ;) - I can't say I'm a fan of the show (to be honest, I've never watched it) - at least not an episode that I can remember... But anyway, this is a nice (and well detailed) Cylon Basestar to use in-game.


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Cylon Basestar from the TNS of Battlestar Galactica.

After find a lack of BSG models for Armada 2 I have decided to release a few for the gamers out there. This is the first one, the Cylon Basestar.

This zip will include everything required to get the ship ingame.  

Later down the road the BSG will be released. It will be the old version from Parallels but will only be available at MSFC.

Add all the files to their folders as is in the zip. There are a few files that require editting, the instructions are below.

Cylon Build Buttons

b_cylon				gbcylon		0	0	64	64

#Cylon Wireframes


cylonw1			        wfmajcylon  	0	0	96	96		
cylonw2			        wfmajcylon  	0	0	96	96		
cylonw3			        wfmajcylon  	0	0	96	96		
cylonw4			        wfmajcylon  	0	0	96	96		
cylonw5			        wfmajcylon  	0	0	96	96

Open up /techtrees/ and /techtrees/ and add the following lines of code.

cylon.odf	0

Report any problems or troubleshooting to one of the following:
PM Majestic or create a new thread at"
Or by using one of the contact details at the bottom of this readme.

Mesh Details
Basestar Poly Count: 1670 Pollies


Original model by Coxxon (distributed through
Original textures by Coxxon (distributed through
Poly reduction done by Majestic.
Conversion to SOD by Majestic.
Buildbuttons/Wireframes/Admiral Log Picture by Majestic.
Odf, readme and install instructions by Majestic.
Terms of Usage
1. No editing of the mesh without getting the original authors approval.
2. This model is not to be sold by itself or in a project.
3. Have fun

Contact/Legal Notes
Star Trek is the property of its respected owners, no infrigment is intended upon its copyrights.

If you need to contact me there are a few ways.

1. Log onto and PM Majestic.
2. Email Majestic at [email protected]

Remember to visit, home of MSFC Productions, for more Star Trek Armada 2 downloads available no where else. 
Also to keep track of the Parallels, Federations, Modern Space Combat, Yesteryears and Babylon 5: Age of Expansion mods which MSFC has the latest updates, weeks and sometimes months before any other website.

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