Here we have a good detail Daedalus Human interstellar craft. It looks to be of the new line of 304's, including the Odyssey and Koralev, considering some of its details. The prong at the front does seem to be a little too far extruded from the main hull but I'm sure you can learn to live with that.

The actual model though does seem pretty sound and screams for some fighters to be screeching out of its hangars but alas that cannot be done at the moment. In the mean time, she'll make up for it with her combat skills and size to weed it's way through the smaller ships. Best assigned as a dreadnaught for the Federation so you can limit its build amount yet keep it on field.

Anyhow, like all high poly models, ones such as this done to a high standard, they're best used for special screenshots or re-enactments, so if somebody wanted to do a big space battle, such as any from Atlantis or SG-1 they'd be able to plop it in from the map editor. More importantly though, this is the developer's first mesh and with such a good job done, I can only hope we see ever better material in the future. Definite thumbs up from me.

Warning, this is a high poly model



Hello people, this is a teazer ship and my 1st ship, of what will be on the stargate project mod

This ship includes low quality stargate shields and multi target railgun 
technology, The mesh is quite high quality but theres not alot i can say
about the textures lol, Decent textures are under way so i hope you enjoy

Again this is my 1st ship so go easy on the coments.... please lol :)

Ok to install this ship all you have to do is to put the right files in
the right folders

SOD ---> SOD folder
odf ---> odf folder/weapons/pulses
odf ---> odf folder/ships
Textures--->RGB to Textures--->RGB

Then we need to update some of the files, go into techtree

open up

tech1.tt and add the following lines:
Deadalus.odf   0
after, save and overight the original file, be sure to back up just incase
you dislike the ship.

after do the same go into:
Deadalus.odf   0

save and overight, 
good now its time to add the buildbutton/wireframe

go into sprites open up
gui_global.spr then scroll to the bottom and add together

b_Deadalus			wdeadalus 	0	0	450	400

Deadalusw1			wdeadalus	0	0	450	450

Then you can add the ship to a station

To do this just go to one of your yards and add

buildItem? = "Deadalus" ? is the number that it will show

I added it to my starbase because its there lol but you can choose

Thank you very much and hope you like

USS Helena
1st ship

I have also included the Mesh for this aswell in MS3D Only though, aswell i have done a Bridge commander nif file so people
with max that want to have a go at editing it will be able to import it then edit

Also it is nice if people ask before publishing so email me and i will confirm wether you can use the mesh/textures at

[email protected]
[email protected]

either should work

Again i thank the community for all its help and enjoy as i have working with you

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