Daedalus Patch

daedalus_patch_11.1.zip —


Well, here we have a far better Daedalus (high poly of course) version in my opinion. The model seems to be pretty much spot on and the textures aren't half bad either however the thruster colours just seem wrong, then again, could be me. Main fixes though include:

-Fixed long "spike" at the front of the ship. Guess this would make asteroid piloting slightly better eh? -Improved textures (from what I can see anyhow).

Not really much else to say, other then this really would be great for a re-creation or beauty shot and on the latter, this guarantees it. Good job, download now!

Warning, high poly model



Requirements: Hi-Grade Deadalus, v1.0

Hi again people, Well joel, i guess the fighters can now exit the hangers without screeching
this will fix the size of the spikes and them awful hangers, (YES!) so here it is,

All you have to do is download the 1st version of the deadalus then overight the 
Sod with this one so have fun

I also have included the Milkshape 3d file for the ship aswell so enjoy

T.F.T. Helena Out

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