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Well, yet another stock Defiant Class to the game, so that is slightly dissapointing, especially in the aspect that there are many models th...


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Well, yet another stock Defiant Class to the game, so that is slightly dissapointing, especially in the aspect that there are many models this guy could have chosen, yet he choose stock?

Nevertheless, it is a neat ltitle MOD that (as you can see) adds the Defiant as a Hero Ship. - Along with this it appears to be the first of many, so I look foward to the rest.


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This is a teaser ship from my In Progress Mod, Star Trek Armada II: Heros.

About The Defiant:

This is the stock defiant textures (because i cant do textures, too confusing) or sods (no programs work email me with a link to where i can download one that WORKs please someone This is the USS Defiant from DS9. Although i probably should have send in my Avenger i noticed there were no defiants so i decided to send in this. It has the voices of the Incursion and features Antimatter mines (i saw it use them in a dominion wars episode of ds9 and the romulan general cloak (it has that). It also features advanced pulse phasers (same as the starbase) so they never miss.

About my Star Trek Armada II: Heros.

This will be a full verison mod for armada 2 when i finish it. It will feature all the hero ships from the shows and armada 1 & 2. It also may have some completely out of my head (Like my USS Voyager-B). I have got a lot of Federation Ships. All the Enterprises, the Premonition, the Avenger, Voyager, my wrong class Stargazer, the Rhode Island, the Excalibur-B (from the new frontier. The excalibur was a TOS era ship so excalibur is excalibur-b. Maybe ill make excalibur-c, i thats in a book, a galaxy) and i still have some ships to go (eg. The USS Da Vinci and the USS Endeavor.) If you have any suggestions for more ships from any race, email me with them.

Dont worry i havent forgotten about the Dominion or Breen they'll be in there with the cardassians. And Dont get any ideas about beating the missions easily i shall be sure to make sure the ships cant be built until the appropriate missions (the defiant and avenger will be in all though)

If you would like to use my Splash Screen just add the splash.bmp file to the armada 2 main directory and overwrite as necessary. (It may not be the splash i release with Hero's)

Okay, now back to the defiant:

To install just put the odf is odf/ships, the SOD in SODs, fdefiant.bmp into bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages and add these to gui_global found in sprites:

b_fdefiant			gbfdestroy		0	0	64	64

fdefiantw1			fedwireframe02	0	0	48	48		
fdefiantw2			fedwireframe02	48	0	48	48		
fdefiantw3			fedwireframe02	96	0	48	48		
fdefiantw4			fedwireframe02	144	0	48	48		
fdefiantw5			fedwireframe02	192	0	48	48

(FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER's Buildbutton, Wireframe & Admirals Pic tutorial helped me figure out how to make them/use existing ones. I suggest you download it if you dont already know.;60555 )

Ok. Save and Close. Now into add:

fdefiant.odf  0					    // USS Defiant

save and close. Now add to

fdefiant.odf 0

Save and close.

Ok i made this be built out of a construction ship because being a hero ship i will only use one at a time. But if you havent already made yourself a new construction ship go to
odf/stations/fyard2.odf and add:

buildItem# = "fdefiant"

where # is the next number.

There you go you should now have successfully added the USS Defiant. This time i've included screenshots to be nice. (i might send some voyager ones in and some teaser screenshots.)

You may use this ship in your mod if you wish. Just give credit to me (SamScritch). Also if anyone is willing to retexture some stock ships for me for my mod email me I would really appreciate it and if you help retexture, you can help test it when its a beta.

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