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I must say I am a fan of maps that are not uniform or symmetrical as they provide interesting gameplay and usually invoke some bit of strate...


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I must say I am a fan of maps that are not uniform or symmetrical as they provide interesting gameplay and usually invoke some bit of strategy to overcome disadvantageous positioning on a map - well this map is certainly one of those maps. Created by TrevorPilkington, Delta Colony has got a nice setup to it. It is a four player map that has map units placed on it to add to the battle. The positioning of the players is quite good, with 3 players situated at three of the four corners of the maps with one player stuck in the centre.

The main fight will probably shape up around the centre of the map where an unfortunate player is surrounded by 3 enemies but on the plus side has a wall of asteroids behind them and at least has an escape route through the asteroids into the expanse with the blackholes. However retreating into the expanse could cause you headaches as the second your ships loose engines or crew they will get sucked into the blackholes. The best tactic I can think of for this part of the map is retreat to the very top right hand-side of the map past the blackholes and radioactive nebula where you could adopt a siege mentality. A plus to doing so would be enemy forces entering/re-entering the nebula thus loosing vital crew members, becoming adrift and being sucked up by the blackholes.

This is a good map, it has some interesting combat scenarios to dish out. :D Plus it actually has a story behind it too


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4 Player map for A2
By Trevor James Pilkington

This is a map of the Terran Empire Colony in the Delta Quadrant from my Terran Empire Stories group.


The Starfleet in Delta Quadrant had find a damage Borg Cube your orders are to crew it and bring it back to Delta Colony for repairs before sending it to the Alpha Quadrant for study and use to take over the Gamma Quadrant Terran Empire that is attacking the Alpha Quadrant Terran Empire and it’s Allies. Only one thing after being cut off from the Alpha Quadrant by the Gammas the Roumlans here had sided too try and beat you to it. That not the only thing you had not hear from New Thoilan for a while and rumors going around that the Cardassian somehow got a fleet from there homeworld before the Empire taken control of it and now there in the Delta Quadrant.

Sorry about my spellings


Install into your D:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

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