Demon Tooth & Demon Star

This is a great ship which is added to your borg build list. Its final fused product is almost as powerful as a TFC and just as tall. The...


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This is a great ship which is added to your borg build list. Its final fused product is almost as powerful as a TFC and just as tall. The movements are excellent and the new weapon is devistating.

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Demon Tooth & Demon Star mini-mod, V 1.0 For Armada II
By kleotol of APOC Entertainment LTD.


 Ok, here it is, The Demon Tooth/Demon Star Mini-Mod for Armada 2. You must have Armada 2 for this mod to work. This mod adds the Demon Tooth starship to the game Star Trek Armada II. You can ¡§fusion¡¨ 8 of those together and get the Demon Star.
This mod is compatible with Apoc¡¦s Dauntless v1.0 mini mod

Included in the mod:

1.	Demon Tooth and Demon Star class ships for Armada. Since we do not have an A2 Exporter yet, the ships were exported with the A1 stats. That means no fancy A2 illumination but the rather simple A1 glow instead¡K Not my fault¡K Expect an updated version of the ships as soon as the exporter comes out¡K
2.	Fusion weapon for the Demon tooth.
3.	A new powerful special beam weapon for the Demon Star, with new sound effect and texture.
4.	Buttons for all ships and weapons.
5.	The Advanced Matrix has been setup to build the Demon Tooth from it.
6.	The AI files have been edited to make the Computer build the Demon Tooth in all types of multiplayer games including but not limited to Instant Action Games.
7.	New tooltips for the Shipyard, Demon Tooth, Demon Star class ships, Demon Star integrator and Verge weapons.
8.	Tech Tree support for all tech setups including No Special Weapons Tech.
9.	New wireframes for both vessels.
10.	Bitmaps for the Admiral¡¦s Log screen

How to:

 Unzip the file and Run the installation. 
Important Notice!
I am sorry but my installer does not support pre-fixed destinations for the installation program, so you will have to manually insert the destination folder, which by default should be c:\program files\Star Trek Armada II.
If your Armada 2 is in a directory other than the default one then you will have to re-direct the installer to the correct directory.

For advanced users who wish to install the mod manually, direct the installer to install to a temporary directory. Then copy the files over to your Armada 2 directory. Once you copy the files over you can uninstall the mod and it will remove the files from your temp directory and your ¡§Installed Programs¡¨ list.

Simply click on the un-install icon generated during the installation. Alternatively, you can remove the installation using the add/remove programs utility in your control panel folder.

Use the mod:
1.	Simply start a game of your choice playing as the Borg or with a Borg opponent and play as normal. 
2.	The Demon Tooth class will become available from the advanced assembly matrix after you have completed building both the advanced assembly matrix and the advanced research station.
3.	The Demon Star integrator will become available once you will have built the Hub. After that, select 8 Demon Tooth class ships and hit the button¡K Behold! The Demon Star!


Title:		 Demon Tooth and Demon Star classes
Version: 	 1.0
Date:		 12/11/2001
Author:	 kleotol of Apoc
Email: 		mailto:[email protected]
Build time: 	2 days

Meshes, textures, odfs, weapons, wireframes, tooltips and everything else, by kleotol.

Read me layout by Westworld1 (I am notorious for my own ¡§new and improved¡¨ English, but unfortunately, not many understand this new language yet¡K rofl¡K So, I had to West for some help here¡K)

Special thanks to 
Westworld1, for letting me in on the knowledge he acquired by studying A2, since he had the game long before me¡K Thanks buddy! ƒº

Hope you enjoy the mod.
Apoc Entertainment


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Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Star Trek Armada project please include this file or at least credit to the creators. 
Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors opinion. Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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