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totly from scrach Dominion race addon, Stations and ships


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totly from scrach Dominion race addon, Stations and ships

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'The Dominion Ultimate' 2003 Mod by ‘STGamerNew2002/STGamer2003’


Well, after months of installing & trying out a few different past mods of the 'Dominion' from
‘’ modders here, and experiencing quite a few ‘crashes’ (NOT to complain, 
I was still impress with them), I’ve decided to pick the BEST one and incorporated/revised 
& re-release it as a single race mod for anyone who STILL just want them in their game-version 
 - AGAIN!  I see that some players are still INTERESTED in the mod and I’m all happy to RE-RELEASE 
it in better playing mod.  In this revised mod, there’s both the Dominion and Breen that you can 
plays as, but the AIP files were designed to play the Dominion forces only(for now).  
I don’t claim to be a TRUE ‘expert’ on this nor the TRUE originator of the mod, but with a lot of 
reading, ‘Trial an ERROR’ editing, email assistance and NUMEROUS TESTS of game play, I think it came 
out very impressively great(please view the ‘jpg’ pics and see for yourself).  I have also revamped/changed 
a few things within it that I feel VERY proud of doing so.  Yet, I can’t & won’t take FULL CREDIT 
for this.  The REAL ‘THANKS’ has to go to the originators who helped create/incorporated 
many files of theirs and taking their long & hard effort to make these files/mods POSSIBLE for us to use
(all been credited at the bottom of this readme text).  Without your creative minds and 
skills of modding/editing this PC game, a lot of us would be BORED to death with the same old 
‘Armada 2’ game play and this mod wouldn’t be updated, and for that I personally THANK YOU!  
And now without further INTERUPTIONS - The Dominion are BACK(really)!!!!!!


Copy all odf/other files('ed-', 'ebr-', 'breen', 'dominion', 'e_bre', 'e_dom' & 'Dominion'.odf files)
in to your odf/other folder.

Copy all odf/ships files in to your odf/ships folder.

Copy all odf/stations files in to your odf/stations folder.

Copy all odf/weapons/phasers/photons/pulse files in to your odf/weapons/phasers/photons/pulse folder.

Copy all odf/special weapons files in to your odf/special weapons folder.

Copy all:
*.tga files to your textures/rgb folder.
*.sod files to your sod folder.
*.spr files to your sprites folder.
*.tt files to your techtree folder.
*.bmp files to your bitmaps/admirals log/ship images.
*.AIPs files to your Ai/AIPs folder
Copy RTS_CFG.h & events.dat files to your armada2 main directory.

All other files goes into your mainArmada2 directory

And, as MANY TIMES it has been said/for warned: BACK UP YOUR PREVIOUS FILES before installing ANY new ones
(don’t want to be held completely responsible for any unexplained crashes)!


If you have any problems(please give full details of problem), please LMK at this address: [email protected] 
I’ll do my best to help you in anyway(easily)way possible. 


All of the new ships in this mod were not made by me, therefore contact their
respective owners for questions relating to the ships themselves, and not the modder revisor.

This mod is only to be distributed at Armada2Files initally, however if you would like to host
it on your website, you must ask appropriate permission from originators first by E-mail.

You may use any part of this mod relating to game code (Example: ODFs)in any project
you make, however, please contact appropriate originators and tell them you are.

CREDITS & special thanks to:

Hitman([email protected]) 
Iggy (how you helped me so GREAT!)
Michael Pantner (The founder of 'The Founders' mod) 
Kleotol (A cool person to chat with)
Westworld (a GREAT book to have)
AdmXtalSparks (the person who started/inspired ME to 'early mod making'!)
Major A Payne (a SUPER person to get info from)
Agroborg (another great person who helped)
Iron Fist
Captain Future
'Book' (cool kid)
Capt Fingersai
Michael Raab
Street Soap
Greg Plautz (A.K.A. Mr. Greg or Stingray):[email protected] 
USS Capital
Michael Kelly
Ben Maxwell
Ch'Yu Chen
Heiko Fischer 
Mega Modder
[email protected]
[email protected]
(that's ME - for creating the 'Founder Spy', 'Jem'Hadar Warriors' and 'Weyoun' Build Buttons)
Any others I might of missd in credits, but not forgotten in GRATITUDE! ;-D

All of A2 Modding Community/Members: For still continuing & giving life to a game 
that would of been dead by now if you hadn't! ;)

And last but not least, Activison, for making a GREAT game designed 
for the modders!		  
Thanks again and - "VICTORY IS LIFE!" >:-D

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