Dominion Ultimate 1.3.1 Correction Patch

This is a Correction Patch for Dominion Ultimate 1.1 EXE mod, that fixes the crashes from the previous update, the 1.3 Update mod. Fixes inc...


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This is a Correction Patch for Dominion Ultimate 1.1 EXE mod, that fixes the crashes from the previous update, the 1.3 Update mod. Fixes include the Breen phasers and photon's issue, and the missing dominion destroyer texture problem.

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Download 'domult1.3.1correctionpatch.exe' (3MB)

DOMINION ULTIMATE 1.3.1 CORRECTION Patch (version 1.3.1) by STGamerNew2002


This is 1.3.1 CORRECTION UPDATE patch for the 'Dominion Ultimate 1.1 EXE' mod. 
In THIS mod it fixes the crashes from the previous '1.3 Update' mod.  What has been fixed are:

1) Breen's Phasers & Photons problem
2) Missing Dominion Destroyer texture 


This is a SELF-EXTRACTION/'.EXE' program and should be installed/place into your Star Trek Main directory in this way:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II


YOU MUST HAVE these mods installed already for the game to run smoothly: the regular ST:Arm2 game's 1.1 patch and then:
1) Dominion Ultimate (1.1 - .exe version)
2) Dominion Torpedo/Bomber
3) Founder's Private Yacht
4) Dominion Missle
5) Dominion Ultimate 1.1 Update Patch
6) Dominion Ultimate 1.2 The Breen 
7) Dom Ult Update Correction Patch
8) Additional Dominion Stations & Workbee Ship

pre-installed before adding this Newest 1.3.1 UPDATE CORRECTION patch(all made by STGamerNew2002)!  They all should/do work if/when properly install.  IF NOT, INSTALL THEM ALL first!

'*' - Some files may be OVERWRITTEN like; events.dat,,,,, gui_global.spr, weapons.spr, *.cfg & *.spr files THAT you may already edited/modified for personal reasons, so back up your files first before installing!  Some files in here are from my personal folders, so some items may NOT be included if they have nothing to do with the Dominion/Breen update.  If you're a EXPECT in editing files and don't want your personalized files changed, then I suggest to back-up your personalized/modified files and do what you know best in EDITING!  When it comes to Win XP OS gameplayers, I have NO KNOWN KNOWLEDGE of its' running system(s), so THIS WILL BE ON ALL YOUR OWN TO INSTALL and PLAY with(good luck)!

I CAN NOT/WILL NOT BE HELD FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY UNEXPLAINED DAMAGES/CRASHES TO YOUR COMPUTER, so you install this at your OWN RISK(especially WinXP users - I have not any knowledge of that system's workings)!


All previous modders from the 'Dominion Ultimate 1.1' exe mod - I graciously THANK YOU and for Activision for releasing the STAR TREK:Armada I & II games! If I forgotten anyone else who contributed, please LMK and you'll get credited as well.

Additional Credits for this 1.3 Correction patch:

Dominion Galaxy Destroyer mod Energy Diminisher Storm - Michael Raab

Dominion Strike Cruiser, New Mining Station, New Mining Freighter mod 
 & Energy Draining Storm - Achilles

Dominion/Breen Ai files - Borglnva(Dav) & STGamerNew2002(me)

Rest of files - STGamerNew2002(me)

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