Dominion War Mod Part 1

This is the Seccond Dominon War Part 1. This has the Federation side.


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This is the Seccond Dominon War Part 1. This has the Federation side.

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The Second Dominion War Federation side was made by the United Federation of Modders
Version : beta, Federation and Romulan side

I: Storyline
II: Federation Ship/Station List
III: Romulan Ship/Station List
IV: Credits
V: How to Install
VI: Legal Stuff

I: Storyline

The Second Dominion War
Beta Storyline:
    It is 2465, and tensions between the federation and the cardassians has
grown since Reman-Federation War.  In which the cardassians were used as target
practice by the Remans becuase of thier status of power from the dominion war. 
Since the war both the federation and the cardassians had been finding new uses
for anti-matter, dilithum and trilithum.  On stardate 53427.2 cardassain
defences increased 123 %.  And on stardate 53432.6, just a few months later a
battle broke out when a federation cruiser crossed over in cardassian space, the
federation cruiser's engines broke down and called for help but when the 2
battle ships arrived it was too late and they were up against the cardassian's
strongest fleet.  
    One year later no other battles had broken out yet.  It is now 2467 and the
federation had lost contact with their furthest colonies in the gamma quadrant. 
Deep Space 9 was not prepared when 3 dominion war ships appeared out of the
wormhole.  Deep Space Nine was destoryed but luckly most of the escape pods were
found and 87.9% of the crew were saved.  But once the Dominion War ships had
finished destroying DS9 they turned on Bajor.  Besides a few Federation turrets
the planet was unarmed.  They destroyed 3 cities and ran into the wormhole when
they saw on thier sensors that the federation had it;s most advance ships close
    The Federation stayed near the wormhole and started to rebuild the station. 
A few weeks later a 3 Dominion warships and one Cardassian crusier came though
the wormhole.  2 Federation ships were lost but 2 Dominion ships and the one
cardassian cruiser were destroyed.  The Federation searched the Cardassian ship
found that the cardassians created a wormhole to dominion space.  And now we
creating a army with the Dominion.  The federation started talking with the
klingons and romulans, seeing if they want to join them against the Dominion and
Cardassian axis.  While waiting for the Klingons and Romulans to decide that
found out that the breen were making an allaince with the remans.  The sides
were being formed.  
    In december of 2367 all 3 sides meet just over 57 light years from
Ferenginar.   Each side lost many ships.  It surprised many that the federation
would lose so badly with all the new tech on their side.  But it turned out that
they only sent in a small number of ships in that first battle thinking it would
be easy and when they lost all those ships so quickly it was to late to send in
reinforcements.  The federation went back to work on new weapons.  But while
they were doing that many people lost there lives.  
    The date is now 2369 and the federation has made new weapons.  And the
klingons and romulans  have joined the war with federation. Will the
Federation-Romulan-Klingon Alliance win or maybe the Reman-Breen Axis may come
out on top.  Or this time Dominion will take control of earth.    

II: Federation Shiplist

-Fighter - Nova Fighter (Version 3)
-Scout - Federation Information Extractor(class name unknown)
-Advanced Scout - Acadamy Training Ship(class name n/a)
-Destroyer 1 - Curie Class
-Destroyer 2 - Destiny Class (Version 2)
-Crusier 1 - Intrepid Class
-Crusier 2 - Orion Class (Version 1)
-Crusier 3 - Akira Class Refit
-Frigate 1 - Sovereign
-Science ship 1 - Concord Class
-Battle Ship 1 - Insignia Class
-Battle Ship 2 - Galaxy X Class
-Battle Ship 3 - fedship2 (Umdasch Class)
-Battle Ship 4 - Ra Class
-Dreadnought - Ares Class
-Trupptransporter - London Class

Federtion Stations
-Dilithum Mining Station
-Planet Mining Station - Orbital Mineingstation
-Planet Compretion - Aumaan Station
-Shipyard - Nemesis Yard
-Advanced Shipyard - Fyard5
-Temporal Research Station 
-Research Station - Utopia Research Station
-Advanced Research Station - Daystrum Station
-Upgrade Station - Vulcan Research Station
-Turret 1 - Asteriod Phaser Defence Platform
-Turret 2 - Advanced Defence Platform

Federation new tech:

	Regular weapons
-Anti-matter torpedos: long range small firepower
-Advanced Quantumtorpedos: medium range, average firepower
-Transphaic torpedos: (only on Battleships) short Range very Powerfull
-Microquantumtorpedos: (On Fighters and Defence Platforms) long range, small damage,hihg fire rate

-Phasers: (Type XV Phaser), long range small firepower
-Muti-tageting phasers: (Type XV Phasers,on Crusiers and Science ship), long range small firepower, can fire on three tragets at the same time.
-Metatron phasers: (Blue Phasers) (only on Battleships), medium range, average firepower
-Transphaic phasers: (only on Dreadnought and Galaxy X), short Range very Powerfull

	Special weapons

-Adaptible Armor
-Anti-matter mines
-multi Torpedo attack

III: Romulan Shiplist

-Fighter - Romulan fighter (2x Fast Fire Disruptors)
-Scout - Talon orignal ship (1x standard Phaser)
-Advanced Scout -Rscout3 = D'renet Class  (1x Standard Disruptors)
-Destroyer 1 - Aquila Class (1x standard Phaser, 1x standard torpedos)
-Destroyer 2 - Rdestr3 = D'riden Class (2x Standard Disruptors)
-Crusier 1 - rcrusernew4 = D'riden B Class (4x Standard Disruptors) 
-Crusier 2 - rcrusernew1 = Vultur CLass (2x Standard Disruptors,1xAdvanced Plasma torpedos)
-Crusier 3 - rship6 (2x Standard Disruptors, 1x standard torpedos,1x standard Phaser)
-Frigate 1 - Avis Class (1x standard Phaser, 1x Advanced Plasma torpedos, 2x Fast Fire Disruptors,2xStandard Disruptors)
-Science ship 1 - Shadow(orignal ship) (1x standard Phaser, 1x standard torpedos, 2x Standard Disruptors)
-Battle Ship 1 - rcrusernew2 (2xMedium Disruptors, 1xAdvanced Plasma torpedos,2x Standard Disruptors)
-Battle Ship 2 - Stareagle class (4xMedium Disruptors, 1xstandard Phasers)
-Battle Ship 3 - Warbird Type B (4xMedium Disruptors, 1xstandard Phasers,2x standard torpedos)
-Dreadnought - Warbid refit (2x Heavy Disruptors, 1xSigularty torpedos,4xMedium Disruptors)
and also new mineing-, construction- and cargoship. 

Romulan Stations
-Starbase - new Station (12x Standard Disruptors, 8xAdvanced Plasma torpedos)
-Dilithum Mining Station- new Station
-Planet Mining Station - new Station (2x Standard Disruptors, 2xstandard torpedos)
-Planet Compretion - new Station
-Shipyard - ryard3
-Advanced Shipyard - ryard4
-TalShiar operation base
-Research Station - orignal Station
-Advanced Research Station - orignal Station
-Upgrade Station - orignal Station
-Turret 1 - new Station (4x Standard Disruptors)
-Turret 2 - new Station (2x Medium Disruptors, 1xstandard torpedos)

Romulan new tech:

	Regular weapons

-standard torpedos: long range small firepower
-Advanced Plasma torpedos: medium range, average firepower
-Sigularty torpedos:  short Range very Powerfull

-standard Phasers:  long range small firepower

-Standard Disruptors:  long range small firepower
-Medium Disruptors:   medium range, average firepower
-Heavy Disruptors: , short Range very Powerfull
-Fast Fire Disruptors:  medium range, small firepower

	Special weapons

-phase Cloak torpedos(can also be fired when the ship is cloaked)
-advanced Phase Cloak(ship can fire when it uses the phase cloak)
-Reaktor overload

IV: Credits

ApcmmkII for his Ares Class
Chris5110uk2k for his Intrepid Class
Challenger for his Akira modell
voyager009 for his ammored intrepid class
CHAKOTAY for his Sovereign class
The makers of Birth of the federation for the textures of the game.
Phantom for his Nemesis Yard
Dawn for his Concord Class
Overlord/Zeich for his models of Cruie, Destiny, Acdamy Training classes and StarBase, Auuman Station,Daytrum Station
Interstellar Machine for his Orion(Ovelord/Zeich design), Galaxy X and Insignia Classes
Micheal Raab for his Nova Fighter, Federation Information Extrator, Umdasch, Ra, London Classes and Planet Mining Station, Fyard5,Utopia Reasearch Station and Steriod Phaser Defence Platform and Advanced Defence PLatfom.  He also made textures for Cruie, Destiny, Acdamy Training classes and StarBase, Auuman Station,Daytrum Station. And all Romulan textures and models.

Odfs by Overlord/Zeich, Micheal Raab, Interstellar Machine, Voyager009
Buttons and Wire Frames by Micheal Raab
Splash by Overlord/Zeich

V:How to Install
Put all the files into the correct directories in your Star Terk Armada II folder.  You must have the 1.1 version of Armada installed to play this mod.  

Warning!: You may have to reboot your pc before playing this mod if you install it on version 1.0 of Armada II.  

VI: Legal Stuff
Copyright and Distribution Permissions


Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek : Enterprise (plus the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 
If you use this model in any Star Trek: Armada 1 or 2 project please include this file. 
If you make this file available at your website or anothers please include a link to

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