Doomsday Machine

dude0rz it teh w00t!!111!!!!1!1!oneone

anyway, here we have a Doomsday Machine from Star Trek:TOS this thing will definat...


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dude0rz it teh w00t!!111!!!!1!1!oneone[/TOSfanboymode]

anyway, here we have a Doomsday Machine from Star Trek:TOS this thing will definatly be going in my game, i reccomend you get this now...

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Thanks for checking out the Doomsday Machine by Slider17.

This file should include:

It's easy to install, just copy the sod to ..sod\ and the odf to ..\odf\ships\ and the tga to ..\textures\RGB\.  Then add the line: item4 = "doomsday.odf" to eo_ships.odf for example.  If you're making a map, set it to team 8 and if it's a 4 player map say, it will load with the map.  And pity the person who finds it, it will follow you back to your base and wipe it out!  Obviously, I like to place this on a map, but you're a modder, so I'm sure you'll come up with some creative use for it!  Maybe as a starting unit or something.  Anyway, that's why there's no build button or wireframe included.

Well, Enjoy!


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Reference Sources:

Starship Schematic Database
(SOD by me, Slider17)

Armada 2 Gaming Forums
(Thanks Guys)

Legal Disclaimer:

Star Trek, the Planet Killer and all related materials are a trademark/copyright of Paramount Pictures.  This was not intended for profit nor was infringement of any intelectual property intended.  The author is not reponsible for the possesion/use of or effects from this material.

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