Dragon Master's Map Pack



This map pack includes three maps. Two are modified from other maps and the third is the author's own. They include "very difficult" AI. If you like maps, I would suggest a download. See the readme fore more details.



Hi, this map pack consists of the following 3 maps:

1st: A modified "Fluidic Space with Resources" map from "John's Ultimate Map pack" with new 7 player option and a very hard AI 8472.
2nd: A modified "Badlands" map i found in another map pack, it wouldnt work as it had no cameras so I just added those and also added a very hard Klingon AI.
3rd: A map of my own creation called Oblivion. This also features a evil Borg AI (emphais on EVIL!).

Thats about it, to install copy all the files in the bzn folder to the real bzn folder in your armada 2 directory.

One word of caution though, stay away from the center in Oblivion!

Dragon Master

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