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This modpack is a one download way to get the latinum bomb in-game. It includes compoents from other authors, as well as his own. The latinu...


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This modpack is a one download way to get the latinum bomb in-game. It includes compoents from other authors, as well as his own. The latinum bomb itself is very powerfull and should be used as a last resort.

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Download 'dragon_master_mod_pack_2.zip' (1.63MB)

Mod pack 2 by Dragon Master
Build Time: 2 hours

This is basically only one mod, the latinum explosion. But since there are many things required to survive it, i had to make it one big mod.
This is a federation mod. It takes a frieghter, super sizes it, and fills it with 2000 latinum (one nebula's worth)
Now for those of you that dont know what happens when 2000 latinum explodes, it makes a giant explosion that will cover any 10000x10000 map.
This explosion does massive damage so setting off three would destroy anything in the sector.
Due to this fact, I had to create a new ship with a modified shield-energy convertor so it could keep stations alive.
I also had to mod the upgrade factors so the weapons would fire faster and the shield would last longer. You will need 1 fleet of repair ships ready and on high movement before exploding the bomb.

This is the 2nd mod pack of 5. As with my other mod pack, I have taken some ships and weapons from other mods. Again there are too many of you modders to list.

To install:

Place SOD files into the SOD folder
Place TGA files into Textures/RGB folder
Place fgrav and fbomb into ODF/Ships
Place Tech1 into Techtree folder
Place GUI-GLOBAL into sprites folder.
Place Fesconv and repairBeam into ODF/special weapons.
Place all the Upgrade files into ODF/Stations
PLace all sound files into Sounds/Effects

If you are not replacing the tech1 and gui-global file, do the following:


Under Federation Ships:

fbomb.odf 1 fmining.odf			//Federation Bomb
fgrav.odf 1 fsuperbl.odf			//Gravity Class

Under Federation Special Weapons:

prot1.odf 0
fesconv.odf 0
gravist1.odf 0                                       // Gravistrike


Under federation ships:

b_fgrav		          gbfdaunt          0     	0	64    	64
b_fbomb			gbffreight	0	0	64	64

Under special weapons:

b_gravist1		 gbgravis	 0	 0	 64	 64
b_prot1			gbprot			0	0	64	64
b_fesconv		gbenrcvr00		0	0	64	64			

Under Federation Wireframes:

fbombw1				fedwireframe04	0	96	48	48		
fbombw2				fedwireframe04	48	96	48	48		
fbombw3				fedwireframe04	96	96	48	48		
fbombw4				fedwireframe04	144	96	48	48		
fbombw5				fedwireframe04	192	96	48	48

fgravw1			fedwireframe10	0	0	48	48		
fgravw2			fedwireframe10	48	0	48	48		
fgravw3			fedwireframe10	96	0	48	48		
fgravw4			fedwireframe10	144	0	48	48		
fgravw5			fedwireframe10	192	0	48	48

Now go to the federation ship building facility (base or shipyard, base is better usually,) and add the following under the build list:

BuildItemX = "fbomb"
BuildItemX+1 = "fgrav"

The 'X' stands for whatever number in the build list the ships are.

Now you're ready to play. I've found in order to surive, you're goning to need to build the following:

8 Gravity Classes
16 Repair Ships
(if you have one already installed, if not, you dont need to worry. It just makes things easier.) 2 of my Enterprise-E's

Station the Repair and Gravity ships throughout your base and you allies (if you have one..) Then build a Bomb and mine that 2000 latinum.
Slipstream (you install with the other mod in this folder) to the either the center or a side (it doesnt have to be but it lessens the damage you take.) and self desturct the bomb. 

About those Upgrades to the Upgrade pods:

Be prepared for very very very fast firing rate once you get to level 3 weapons.
Your shield strength will quadruple at level 3. Your sensors see are enormously inproved along with engines at level 3.
Radiation Nebulae have no effect on you at level 3.

Legal stuff:

This mod is not supported by activision. Star Trek and all its affliates are owned by Paramount Pictures.
I really dont care if you use this in your own mod, just include this readme.

Contact info:

I can be contacted at http://s3.invisionfree.com/Java_and_Html  or emailed at GalaxyExplorer89@aol.com

I am the board's owner, Dragon Master (duh)
Just post (and register if you feel like it) your problem (though its been tested and shouldnt have any) under the PC forum.
I will try to solve the problem.


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