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You know when you get people saying "aww man, it's on steroids!" and you think, "yeah...okay" well, here's something for you. This...


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You know when you get people saying "aww man, it's [object] on steroids!" and you think, "yeah...okay" well, here's something for you. This ship is an Excalibur class on steroids! I mean that in every sense because just look at the thing! Does that not look frikkin' cool or what?! What amazes me is how Aad managed to balance this so seamlessly. It's got a lot of fire-power, a large amount of health and yet you're going to be waiting a bit for it to work and be spending a lot on it getting going, but, I would just have it to brag about saying I've built one. Com'on! That looks cool!

Anyhow, content in here, as expected from Aad has this be a full-piece mod. Custom weapons (not textures) included, along with wire-frame, build-button and admiral's pic and of course the ship odf. This fits right-in at the end of the Federation tech-tree and will become a useful ship to counter the other races pure might (to which in the stock game, the Federation are sorely lacking). Think of this as a heavier alternative to the Sovereign; you won't want an entire fleet made of them because of time constraints, but you will have at least 2 or 3. All-in-all, a very good download for just 4.5mb. In fact, I'm almost inclined to say this has a Klingon-amount of weapons, which, in my case, I won't argue with. Very good take on an 'old' design. Definitely download worthy.

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Download 'aaddreadnought.zip' (4.54MB)

Starfleet Command realised that they needed a heavy battleship, that should be capable of taking on even the heaviest ship used by enemies, like the Borg or the Dominion. Starfleet engineers finally managed to overcome the problems, that were inherent in such a design. The units of the Dreadnought Class performed as designed, but the enormous costs of ships of this size (twice that of the Sovereign Class), meant that only a limited number of ships were built.

All meshes, textures etc. are by me.

The odf weapon files are adaptations from the stock odf files

As allways, thanks to Wrath of Achilles for his Texture Tutorial and Major A Payne for his SodTutorial. 


Borg textures: Yacuzza

Please note:
I cannot be hold responsible for any damage or problems otherwise regarding this model. 

You may use this ship in your mod, just give credit where its do. 


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