Earth Defense Platform

This is a defense platform with it's own speical weapons. It uses the ever-popular spacedock model, and it's made up to face up to the tatic...


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This is a defense platform with it's own speical weapons. It uses the ever-popular spacedock model, and it's made up to face up to the tatical fusion cube. Here's my question: can it stand up to DragonMaster's utrla fusion cube? You'll just have to download to find out. ;)

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Read-me: Earth Defence Platform


Disclaimer: I didn't make Star Trek Armada II, nor the mod that this is based off of.  All copyrights reserved and all that c***, you can't sell this to anyone.  Barring that, feel free to pass it around as you see fit.  Happy modding.  =P

Earth Defence Platform

This is a mod of the basic Spacedock mod.  (Wheels within wheels... whee!)  It will add a spacedock labeled 'Earth Defense Platform', which is a separately buildable station.  I decided to make it because the Federation needs something that has a prayer of staring a Tactical Fusion Cube down.  It's alot more expensive (unless you mod the mod), but it has some extra modifications that are well worth the money.  Because starfleet has learned from the Borg invasions heretofore, (as well as a few clandestine operations) it's traded up for borg cutting beams instead of starfleet phasers.  Temporal research has been internalized, so it has the time-stop capability.  It also has a few special weapons lifted from various other centers, ships, and races as well.  Starfleet intelligence has equipped it to build construction ships from various other races as well, allowing them to duplicate technologies otherwise unavailible.  (If you have the time and resources)  This mod should be perfectly compatible with everything else if you follow the instructions below.

Installation Instructions

(lines specified to be added to files can be copied and pasted)

1) Copy fearthdef.odf to the /odf/stations/ folder.

2) Copy fearthdef.sod to the /SOD folder.

3) Copy all the .tga files to the textures/RGB/ folder of Armada II.

NOTE: If it asks you to replace an existing file in the above copying, then don't overwrite.  This is a mod of a mod, and if you have the Spacedock already installed, some of these files will already exist.

4) Copy all the odf's in the included special weapons folder into /odf/special_weapons/

5) Open up techtree/ and add the following lines at the end of the federation stations section:

fearthdef.odf 1 fupgrade.odf                          // Earth Defence Platform mod

6) Then add these after the federation special weapons:

gfedrepEDF.odf  1 fearthdef.odf                       // Earth Defence Platform special weapons
gionstmEDF.odf  1 fearthdef.odf
gremodEDF.odf   1 fearthdef.odf
goverridEDF.odf 1 fearthdef.odf
gutribmEDF.odf  1 fearthdef.odf
gtemporEDF.odf  1 fearthdef.odf

7) Open up techtree/ and add the following lines:

fearthdef.odf 0

gfedrepEDF.odf  0
gionstmEDF.odf  0
gremodEDF.odf   0
goverridEDF.odf 0
gutribmEDF.odf  0
gtemporEDF.odf  0

NOTE: Only add this if you plan on having the EDF in freetech instant action.  Because the cost is no longer an issue, the EDF will severely unbalance the game!

8) Open up sprites/gui_global.spr and add the following lines in the federation build buttons section:

b_fearthdef			gbfearthdef		0	0	64	64

9) Add the following lines in the special weapons section:

b_gtemporEDF			gbtmpdis00		0	0	64	64	
b_gionstmEDF			gbionstm00		0	0	64	64	
b_goverridEDF  			gbcompovr00		0	0	64	64	
b_gutribmEDF  			gbutritium00		0	0	64	64	
b_gfedrepEDF  			gbfrepair00		0	0	64	64	
b_gremodEDF  			gbremod00		0	0	64	64	

10) Also add the following lines in the federation wireframes section:

fearthdefw1			fedwireframe05		0	48	48	48		
fearthdefw2			fedwireframe05		48	48	48	48		
fearthdefw3			fedwireframe05		96	48	48	48		
fearthdefw4			fedwireframe05		144	48	48	48		
fearthdefw5			fedwireframe05		192	48	48	48	

11) Open up odf/ships/fconst.odf and add the following lines:

buildItem# = "fearthdef"

NOTE: # should be the next number in sequence of the other build items.  If you have buildItem0 and buildItem1 as the only entries, then this would be buildItem2.  If you already have 14 items on the construction ship's list, it may refuse to add an additional item.  You'll just have to experiment with that.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me: [email protected]


EDP ODF & Weapons mods: Aurrin Lightpaw  <[email protected]>

[from original Spacedock mod]
SOD: 9 OF NINE <[email protected]>
ODF: the [email protected]

thanks to SCIFI-ART for original station
thanks to the [email protected] for his help with odfs

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