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We've all wondered how he gets those PoTD's looking as beautiful as they do..and apparently here is how. Clearly a lot of time has gone in...


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We've all wondered how he gets those PoTD's looking as beautiful as they do..and apparently here is how. Clearly a lot of time has gone into editing MANY textures, including ship textures (see the Galaxy re-texture, wow-wee!) and glorious weapons. To quote, "it does include the Defiant pulses". Should I stop writing then? This mod does simply enhance looks of the game and does it so very very well. Whilst not everyone may have the ships for textures, many of you will and those who don't, the ships used are listed. A lot of the changes, including weapons will affect stock though.

You will need to make a couple of very small odf changes to get everything to work properly though, so do just make sure that you have everything ready and good to go before you unleash hell with your new Defiant pulses. The question to ask though, is what is next from EM? Hopefully more of the very stunning same. Besides, the pictures should definitely convince you, even if this review doesn't. Of course, there are only so many ways I can say it looks breath-taking and amazing. Take my word for it, the goods inside are very shiny indeed.

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Download 'randtext.zip' (7.15MB)

inally got around to gathering a bunch of the random textures I had kicking around... Yes, this includes my Defiant pulse texture.

Texture files go in the Textures/RGB folder
.odf files go in the odf/weapons/Pulse folder (and they will overwrite the stock dpulse.odf and dpulseo.odf files)

Ship Stuff:

Conatins registryless and edited textures for the Miranda and Excelsior found here: 

And for the Galaxy class found here:

NOTE:  These will replace the originals.

The Miranda and Excelsior textures are originally by p81
The Galaxy textures are originally by Deemon

Weapon Stuff:

Xflare, and Wpulse WILL overwrite the original files, rename them if you don't want this to happen.

If you are unsure how to edit sprite files and add weapons to your game, consult Westworld's Big Book of Modding which can be found here: http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Westworlds_Big_Book_Of_Modding;8835

I have included the following:
 - Pulse phaser textures for the following races
	- Federation (.odf files with proper sizing/lighting included)
	- Klingon
	- Romulan
	- Reman
	- Dominion 

 - Phaser textures for the following races
	- Cardassian
	- Dominion

 - Flare effects for the following races
	- Federation
	- Klingon
	- Cardassian
	- Romulan
	- Dominion

As well as two different coloured torpedos, and an old styled Romulan Plasma texture as well, also two buttons, one to replace the Tal Shiar officer special, and one for the two torpedos.

All weapon textures made by me, or edited from stock, if you would like to include them in a mod for release please ask first.
Any questions or permission requests, please send to me via PM on the FileFront forums.


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