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The author of this mod is, to date, unknown to A2Files, and goes by Jabsticles. This is his/her first mod, a Prometheus class starship that...


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The author of this mod is, to date, unknown to A2Files, and goes by Jabsticles. This is his/her first mod, a Prometheus class starship that claims to be the USS Enterprise-F. Note that the claim is not borne out by the registry, about which the author unfortunately claims to "have absolutely no flapping idea who made it". Looks like Deemon's to me. And the mod itself doesn't include MVAM capabilities. It appears to be a straight-up .ODF modification, with a new .SOD to match.

The actual speculation surrounding which ship would become the Enterprise-F after the decommissioning / destruction of Enterprise-E has been one of my pet peeves in the Trek modding universe. After all, nobody asked after Enterprise-B and its class until the advent of The Next Generation. It seems kind of presumptuous to assume that a certain class of starship recommends itself as the Enterprise. The speculators' best guesses seem to indicate that Enterprise-A's decommissioning led directly to the construction of Enterprise-B, which had a lengthy, if comparatively undistinguished, career before Enterprise-C was launched, then destroyed at Narendra III some time into its first mission. Enterprise-D was purpose-built from the keel up as an Enterprise, as it appears the Enterprise-C was so intended. And Enterprise-E was probably renamed after Enterprise-D's unfortunate loss at the hands of the Duras sisters. Each Enterprise has represented a major leap in the available technology aboard, more powerful than its predecessor. The unfortunate choice in the series Star Trek: Enterprise, to both tack on a predecessor (NX-01) and an eventual descendant (1701-J) bearing the name Enterprise, simply bears out that tendency. But that, so far as we know, is where the tendency comes to an end. Unless Picard's good ship is lost imminently after Nemesis, it seems unlikely that the Prometheus class starship would ever carry a ship named Enterprise. What's more, traditionally Starfleet has honoured the "typical" setup-- two nacelles, an underslung stardrive and a connected saucer. Despite the undisputed improvements in tactical and power systems, the Prometheus remains an unlikely choice for 1701-F even if the Enterprise-E were destroyed the day after the events of Nemesis. Community tradition holds either the Century or the Soulwolf designs to be the likely bearers of the name into the next "next generation".

This particular mod gives the Prometheus better phasers, a cloaking device, and three plasma weapons. And the shields absorb all the damage the vessel takes. Seems like overkill on an already powerful vessel, but since this is the Enterprise-F, or supposed to be, that seems to justify it. As a first mod, it seems to be pretty well done. As an Enterprise, though? Your mileage may vary.

Worth a look.


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Download 'enterprse_f.zip' (2.45MB)

Okay, i found the textures on the internet, so I have absolutely no flapping idea who made it.


This is my first ever mod, so I hope its good, it is coming from a 13 year old!

Put all files in respective folders or:

put the odf, sod and tga in proper folders. (don't forget admirals log pic!)

Open you're tech1 and fulltech files and put "entf.odf 0" in (without quotes)

Open Gui_global and federation under federation build buttons put:
b_fentf				gbfprom			0	0	64	64

It may not work, so replace all fprom with fentf.

Under fed wireframes (@reference 256) place: 
fentfw1				fedwireframe08	0	96	48	48
fentfw2				fedwireframe08	48	96	48	48
fentfw3				fedwireframe08	96	96	48	48
fentfw4				fedwireframe08	144	96	48	48
fentfw5				fedwireframe08	192	96	48	48

Add the Enterprise-F to a yard or base and you're on your merry way!

Have fun with my mod. Just mention me if you want to use it in you're mod. Oh wait, THIS MATERIAL IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION (blah, blah, blah)

By Jabsticles.

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