Federation Excalibur Class Transwarp

This is MaP's Federation Excalibur Class Explorer that you can find Here Only it...


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This is MaP's Federation Excalibur Class Explorer that you can find Here Only it has been modified to include Transwarp capabilities. As i said in the last one, I really like the look of this ship, especialy the necells. It just looks really unique yet it works really well. This file comes in an installer so its easy to use for those with a clean A2 install, but those with modded versions of A2 might want to read the install instructions file that come inside the zip.

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Download 'map_excalibur_transwarp_a2.zip' (2.03MB)

Federation Excalibur Class Explorer
Original that this version has been rebuilt around created for the Bridge Commander community by Cpt LC Amaral. This mesh complete rebuild by Major A Payne. Texture set created using renderings from the USS Excalibur high poly mesh as created by Steven "Rivers3D" Davis <http://stes3dreload.tripod.com>.

Model Details
Poly Count:		2728 (final)
Build Time:		Almost 9 hours
Reproduction:		97% accurate to original used
Texture Set:		5 1024*1024 (ultra high res) Truevision tarGA (TGA) image files.

In downloading this model and its textures you are oblidged to follow a simple set of instructions as to its usage:

1) You will, under no circumstances, reconvert and re-release this mesh for any kind of profit.
2) You will refrain from altering, defacing or otherwise editing the mesh or its textures without permission from the original creator.
3) You will, in all cases, add credits in the form below to any releases or images which this mesh and its textures are used in creating.

Thankyou for downloading this mesh. If you require contact with the creator of this version then this can be carried out by email ([email protected]) or ICQ (UIN 60839084).


Major A Payne

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