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Well folks, a MOD some have been waiting for. It's been seen in the forums, and now we have that very package right here (for download) - Th...


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Well folks, a MOD some have been waiting for. It's been seen in the forums, and now we have that very package right here (for download) - This is Epytron_Omega's Kitbash MOD which gives players a choice of some new nifty Federation vessels, along with a brand spanking new shipyard.

All these models (to my knowlege) are from the game (just put together, or edited whichever) - The point is that this guyh as taken the time to go through them all, think up ideas, and then put them into practise. ;)

Now, whilst most of them aren't to my personal liking, I urge you to download and try them out. ;)

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Download 'kitbashmod.zip' (2.24MB)

Kitbash Mod -- Constructed by Epytron Omega

Brief History:

	This mod was created to give life back to the original models of Armada 2. 
 Although the models use the stock textures, it is for good reason, its to show that 
even when the textures suck, the models themselves can look quite good, and who knows, 
maybe in the future I will redo the kitbash fleet, with new textures.

In the ZIP:

Admiralslog pics for all ships and station
Odfs for all ships and station
weapons odf for the battleships
SODs of the ships and station
guiglobal sprite file
techtree file
4 screenshots
readme file (this file)

NOTE: All textures are stock, they already exist ingame.

How to install:

to install, copy the directory name straight to its counterpart in your Armada II folder,
 usually its C:\Prgram Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II

All models are made from the Stock A2 ships, designs for the Viselli class based on the 
eliminator class design by sovereign001, with slight modifications.  The Vincent is based 
on a preliminary version of Voyager, also with some modifications.  All other ships are of my 
design, as far as I know they have not been designed by others, if so, please let me know and 
I will be sure to fix my error.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Bridge Commander, Armada, Klingon Academy,  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Any problems, contact me via my email dauntless01aATgmailDOTcom

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