Federation Orbital Habitat Station

Now this boys and girls, is something to shout about. Ok, maybe not literally, but still :p

Here, we have a Station (smaller than a Space...


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Now this boys and girls, is something to shout about. Ok, maybe not literally, but still :p

Here, we have a Station (smaller than a Space Dock), but still big, that, as the ReadMe states, could have been many of the stations the Federation created in and around the orbit of planets. Now, my only fault for this file, is that it doesn't actually come with a screenshot (it has an Admirals Log picture) but that doesn't count.

Looking from that however, you can see what appears to be ocean, and land on the inside of the complex. Quite extraodinary if I may say so. :)

A job well done, by far ;)

- Ash

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Download 'fnewbase.zip' (5.57MB)


I got tired of all the same looking stations and kitbashes for the feds, so I did something new.

I got inspired while watching some of my DS9  DVDs. There it was mentioned that Com. Sisko was responsible for the construction of orbital habitats before taking command of DS9.

I just asked myself how they would look like. Well, out came this station.

Its non cannon, but I hope you like it anyway.

About the SOD:

It is a high poly model of  6938  polys. Made for Armada 2

I had no problems with it on my computers although I build up to 8 of them on one map.
One a 3 Ghz P4 the other an old 600mhz Athlon.

But I can not guarantee for a lesser machine.

The SOD has a high number of Hardpoints because I hate it when weapons are firing through a base, it just dos not look right. So every weapon has several HPs just to avoid that.
Take a look at the enclosed HP Maps for further information.
You will need them if you want to change the armament.

Take a look at the odf. It is made to fit my personal mod.
Therefore the base has the firepower of a fleet. Change that to your liking


HP01 – HP08 :		Top and Bottom of main station and satellites 

HP09 – HP36:		Torpedo bays center hull top area see HP map 05
HP37 – HP50:		Phaser banks center hull top area see HP map 05
HP51 – HP64:		Pulse Phaser center hull top area see HP map 05

HP65 – HP68:		Phaser banks Sphere Bottom see HP map 04
HP69 – HP76:		Pulse Phaser Sphere Bottom see HP map 04

HP77 – HP92:		Satellite 1 see HP map 01
HP93 – HP108:		Satellite 2 see HP map 02
HP109 – HP124:		Satellite 3 see HP map 03

HP125 – HP130:		Shuttle bays on satellites used for fighter weapon. See ODF

HP build:		Construction bay
HP dock, HP repair :	docking area
HP0001			Used to ensure the direction of  HP_build on export from milkshape do not use it for anything.

In the HP maps for the satellites the HPs have added T indicating the top weapons area of the satellite or B indicating the bottom weapons area.
Just to your convenience.

Content of ZIP File

Read me			This document
fewbase1.bmp		picture for admirals log
fnewbase1wf.tga		Wireframe
gbfnewbase1.tga		Build button
HP_map1.tga		Hardpoint map
HP_map2.tga		Hardpoint map
HP_map3.tga		Hardpoint map
HP_map4.tga		Hardpoint map
HP_map5.tga		Hardpoint map
Newbase1.tga		Texture for SOD
Newbase2.tga		Texture for SOD
Newbase3.tga		Texture for SOD


fewbase1.bmp		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\bitmaps\admiralslog\shipimages
fnewbase1.odf		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\odf\stations
fnewbase1.sod		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\sod
fnewbase1wf.tga		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\textures\rgb
gbfnewbase1.tga		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\textures\rgb
Newbase1.tga		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\textures\rgb
Newbase2.tga		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\textures\rgb
Newbase3.tga		goes to :Star Trek Armada2\textures\rgb

Go to Star Trek Armada2\techtree  open:

Tech1.tt	insert:	 fnewbase1.odf 0
Fulltech.tt	insert:	 fnewbase1.odf 0

Go to Star Trek Armada2\sprites  open:


Go to

# Federation build buttons


b_fnewbase1			gbfnewbase1		0	0	64	64

Go to

# Federation wireframes


fnewbase1w1			fnewbase1wf		0	0	80	80
fnewbase1w2			fnewbase1wf		80	0	80	80
fnewbase1w3			fnewbase1wf		160	0	80	80
fnewbase1w4			fnewbase1wf		0	80	80	80
fnewbase1w5			fnewbase1wf		80	80	80	80

Should any problem arise, contact me via personal message at armadafleetcommand.com

Greetings shadow

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