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Various changes and additions to the Federation ::See Readme::


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Various changes and additions to the Federation ::See Readme::

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Download 'fed_realistic_mod_martin_eloury.zip' (2.63MB)

This mod changes some Federation ships and adds in some new ones. It makes the federation more realistic, big ships, strong hulls and slower firing weapons.

The mod adds the following ships.

Intrepid class - 1x Adv Phaser 1x Medium yeild torpedos.

Steamrunner class - 1x Light Phaser 1x Colbat torpedo.

Equinox class - 2x Adv Phasers 1x Adv heavy Phaser 2x Heavy Torpedos.

Akira class - 1x Adv phaser 1x heavy torpedo.

Hercules class - 2x light phasers 2x medium phasers 2x medium torpedos.

Nova class - 2x Light Phasers.

Prometheus Class - 2x Adv phasers.

Prometheus Saucer/Promethius Stardrive - 2x Adv Phasers

Just put the files into the right folders.

The ship icons might not show so just hover over it until it has a discription. Ships will only work in FreeTech.

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