Federation Tractor Beam Mod

This is Almirant Alan's first mod, which adds tractor beams to every Federation ship, "Giving it more realism," as he says.

He did a n...


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This is Almirant Alan's first mod, which adds tractor beams to every Federation ship, "Giving it more realism," as he says.

He did a nice job too, placing the beams on proper Hardpoints, etc.

Definetly worth a download of you're a canon trekkie buff :)

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Download 'ftb.zip' (34KB)

Federation Tractor Beam Mod

Firs, for the english readers, i hope you understand this readme. Im from Argentina, and i dont speak much englis.


Title		: Federation Tractor Beam
Filename	: FTB.zip
Date		: 30-12-02
Author		: Almirant Alan
Email		: tudoralan@yahoo.com.ar
Credits		: Modification by Almirant Alan
Build time	: 15 minutes to put the tractor beam in each ship, and about 4 hours to put the exact localization where the beam start.

Description of the Modification:

Where do you see a Star Trek ship without a tractor beam??????????  ok,ok in Star Trek generations, in the enterprise-b, but their 
are gone to put it thursday.
This mod gives the tractor beam to all the ships of the federation, whit the exeption of the cargo, mining and some special ships.
It is not a good mod, but it add more reality to the game, i think.
Im looking to do this whit the other races in the future.


This is IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

-If you have instaled another mod, instaling the Fed Tractor Beam mod could cause the program to crash, and you will have to 
 reinstall the game. But, also, maybe nothing hapened. It all depends of what tipe of mod have you instaled.

-Before instaling, i recomend to do a backup of the odf files. If the game crash, you wouldnt have to reinstall the game, only
 copy and paste the odf.

-Some ships have a sigle point for the start of the tractor beam (like venture class) and others have multiple points (like 
 sovering class)
Steps to install:

1. Once you have unziped the FTB.zip file, copy the odf files.
2. Open the armada 2 instalation directory (the defaul its c:/Program Files/Activision/StarTrekArmadaII)
3. Once there, open the directory odf/ships
4. Paste the odf files. A message of oberwrite apears, click yes to all.
5. Run Armada 2

Plese, all questions, suggestions or anything you want, send me an e-mail.
You are free to distribute this mod. 
I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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