Federation Upgrade (1.0)

Version One of this mod will expand the Federation side for A2. It adds new ships and new stations.


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Version One of this mod will expand the Federation side for A2. It adds new ships and new stations.

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Download 'fedmodp1.rar' (10.25MB)

Federation Upgrade Version 1 

Mod by: cookuup18


This mod will expand the federation side for armada 2 
it will add new ships new stations. 
It is the first of 4 mods I am making as I hope to be doing an upgrade for 
most of the races the races
I did not make any of the ships I just put them together and done a bit of
odf editing and the tech tree

I hope to be doing the AI for this mod soon so look out for that
the next race i am doing is the romulans so look for that eta end of feb


What this mod includes

Danube Class   	               		    = Redragon
Blitkrieg                   		    = Major A Payne
Sabre class		       		    = Redragon & APCM
Sovereign class		          	    = Admiral 
Ambassador Class			    = 9 of nine & Porty
Typhoon Class				    = Major A Payne
Prometheus Class                            = Deemon
Galaxy X Class 				    = 9 of Nine
Intrepid Class				    = USS Capital 
Challenger Class			    = J14
Typo Class				    = VT1032
Centaur Class				    = Paperstreetsoap
Eximus Class				    = Cleeve
Highlander Class			    = APCMmkII
Spacedock                                   = 9 OF NINE
Armada Class 				    = Bryan
Anomie Class				    = Interstellar Machine
Norway Class				    = Deemon
Type 6 Shuttle                              = Neon
Type 9 Shuttle                              = Neon
Delta Flyer                                 = HeiFi 
Steamrunner Class                           = Michael Kelly
Akira class                                 = Challenger
Deep Space 9                                = 9 OF NINE
Sanfrancisco ship yard                      = captain fingers
Turret 3                                    = stompawampa
New Orlenas Class                           = 9 OF NINE
Achilles Class                              = Major A Payne
Nova Class                                  = 9 Of Nine

With Thanks to all off the people who made these
I Tryed to email every body from this list to get pemishion to use there mods
but i could not get some of there email address so dont blame me i tryed

With thanks to Stan (AKA captain stan) who help me with some problems

I used some Build Buttons and Wireframes from 
APCMmkII Buttons & Wireframes pack
Federation Buttonpack by Ch'Yu Chen

* Build reinforcements from the Klingon and Romulan empires 
* Different shuttles can be built from the star bases
* New reworked Tech Tree
* Hero Ships for each race



Place all Files in Root Directory


I hope you enjoy this mod as I do 

Any problems or suggestions email me
Email            : [email protected]
Mod by           : cookuup18

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