Q'apla fellow Klingon warriors! This 'ere is your Klingon Fek'lhr special/battlecruiser ship, converted from SFC3. The advantage of this...


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Q'apla fellow Klingon warriors! This 'ere is your Klingon Fek'lhr special/battlecruiser ship, converted from SFC3. The advantage of this is that it replaces the now ageing A2 stock Fek'lhr model and it does look very nice. The only problem I can think of actually with this is that the colour of the textures don't exactly match the rest of the Klingons either in stock or on the site for download but either that can be changed or you can just put up with it because it's hardly an eye-sore.

What you get in this pack is the new odf, model and textures along with a re-done admiral's pic. You'll be using the old build button and wireframe for this, though I hardly doubt that'll be a problem. Simply pop this into the game folder, overwrite and you are actually good to go. She's been given a little extra defence but other than that, this is the same as stock in terms of gameplay. For those worried about the fact the model comes from SFC3 and likewise its textures, I do not believe this will hinder performance in any way. Anyhow, it's a nice conversion and definitely worthy of a replacement of the stock model. Download now.

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Download 'kfeklhr.zip' (241KB)

Klingn Fek'Lhr Replacement
Here is the Klingon Fek'Lhr battlecruiser from Starfleet Command 3. It replaces the stock Armada 2 Fek'Lhr. I have always liked this design but lets face it the stock one is pretty bad for todays standards so here is the SFC 3 version.

Simply add the files to their respective folders, click yes to override the files. It is strongly recommended to back up the original files. 

Mesh Details
Poly Count: 1422 Pollies

Original Model and Textures by Taldern (Starfleet Command 3).
Conversion done by Majestic.

*Additional thanks to Lord_Trekkie for sending the the SFC 2 and 3 files (this model was amonug them) that are going to be used in my TMP mod.

Terms of Usage
1. Feel free to edit this file, but make sure you credit Taldern.
2. This model is not to be sold by itself or in a project.
3. Enjoy yourself.

Contact/Legal Notes
Star Trek is the property of its respected owners, no infrigment is intended upon its copyrights.

If you need to contact me there are several ways.

1. Log onto www.majesticscificentral.com and PM Majestic.
2. PM either me (Majest) on the forums at http://armada2.filefront.com.
3. Email Majestic at [email protected]

Remember to visit www.majesticscificentral.com, home of MSFC Productions, for more Star Trek Armada 2 downloads available no where else. 
Also to keep track of the Parallels, Federations, Modern Space Combat and Babylon 5: Age of Expansion mods which MSFC has the latest updates, weeks and sometimes months before any other website.

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