Fin Map Pack

two 4 player maps surrounded by different types nebulas


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two 4 player maps surrounded by different types nebulas

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FIN MAP PACKBy Trevor James Pilkington

Hello and  thanks for drownloading the maps.

 RedFin and YellowFin. Frist there map are not for Borg because there not a noth space for Borg. So I sorry about that for the people how like being the Borg. Both maps are the same a part from the "Neds" RedFin is Red and YellowFin is Yellow. To get to earch base you have to use the worm holes unless your 8472 or you go the mod for the Feds. The maps was made for only Feds,8472,Cads and Roms like i said said not for Borg But if your not carefull with the Roms you will run of of room for them too. Or so be carefull wrich wormhole you go into in the middle some of them will going into the Ned. There or so a Back hole in the middle,

Sorry about the spellings.


Made:Friday 9th May 2003
Send:Friday 9th May 2003

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Put into your C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

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