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Take my love, take my land Take me where I cannot stand I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me....

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Take my love, take my land Take me where I cannot stand I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me....

I have waited for this day for a long, LONG time. This little vessel was known as the Serenity, back when a science fiction called Firefly was still on the air. Nowadays that show is widely available for cheap on DVD, as is the follow-up film "Serenity". The sudden, unnecessary death of this show, and its treatment by FOX during its run, compose one of the cruelest stories in the history of science fiction on television. Produced and created by Joss Whedon, the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its universe, Firefly married together two genres --the western, essentially, in space-- with spectacular and greatly underrated results. Star Trek promised us "Gunsmoke in Space". Firefly took it to the next step. And with an ensemble cast of talented actors and a solid premise, this was one show that was taken from us too soon, with a legacy worthy of legend.

Now you can bring that Firefly-class transport into the Armada universe AT LAST. And this one's a worthy model. It even includes the "crybaby" noise beacon that was used in the pilot episode. And it comes with all the bells and whistles --buildbutton, wireframe, admiral's log pic-- but that's where the appreciable contribution ends. For some reason, the .ODF has Serenity equipped with limited armaments, something the ship never had ---after all, why keep Jayne around otherwise? :D

Also unfortunate is the lack of the ability to launch the shuttles (the vessel has two such shuttles) nor any .SOD for the tiny craft. It's too bad because really that's all that's missing. Oh, and the possibility for improvement also would include sound files compatible just with this ship, taken from the show.

(One other thing-- the vessel's a bit more brown? than I remember. I seem to recall Serenity being a tin and silver colour, not the brown of this vessel. But far be it from me to complain at the sight of a brown coat of paint. Get it-- brown coat?) :lol:

And no "ragtag Colonial Fleet" is complete without this vessel-- the SFX guys on the new Battlestar Galactica also worked on Serenity, and they included at least one Firefly-class transport in the miniseries! (They also included a Constitution class starship that may or may not be named Enterprise....)

So, if you're a fan of Firefly, get this now. If you're not a fan of Firefly, get the DVDs and you will be downloading this little gem of a ship in no time.

If only it came with a readme file [edit] The Readme has since been provided by the author. - Freyr [/edit]


- the Kid

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Download '' (2.44MB)

Mid-bulk transport with a standard radion and accelerator core, Serenity is an Aught Three, full class code being 03-k64-Firefly. There are 40,000 Firefly class vessels still in use. A Firefly class has ceramic parts in her. River gives the textbook description of Serenity’s ship classification. (Train Job.)

Installation Instructions:

For all you intermediate modders:

In the bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder place the serenity.bmp file.

Add the following lines to the mentioned files:

Go to the techtree folder and open and and type:

serenity.odf 0

serenity.sod in the Sod folder.

Place the serenity.odf and firefly.odf files in the odf/ships folder.

In the Special Weapons folder add crybaby.odf.

Place all TGA files into the TexturesRGB folder

Go to the Sprites folder and open the gui_global.spr file.
And to gui_global under:

# Federation build buttons
add this line

b_serenity gbserenity 0 0 64 64

Then scroll down to:

# Special weapon buttons


And at the bottom line add:

b_crybaby gbcrybaby 0 0 64 64

# Federation wireframes


And at the bottom, add these lines:

serenityw1 fwireframeS 0 0 48 48
serenityw2 fwireframeS 48 0 48 48
serenityw3 fwireframeS 96 0 48 48
serenityw4 fwireframeS 144 0 48 48
serenityw5 fwireframeS 192 0 38 48

Go to your odf/stations folder. Utilizing the station of your choice add these lines to your
build menu:

buildItemXX = "serenity"
where XX is the next item on the buildItem list.

If you want to modify the weapons, Serenity has four weapon hardpoints, one in the front cocpit, two on the dorsal "hump", and one near the aft cargo bay.

Author's Comments

This is the first release from me of Serenity. The mesh was created by me utilizing Milkshape 3d and using the orthographic views from The textures are also from views off of
Since this is my first release to the community, I am also sending a 3ds version of the mesh as well as the MS3d version. It can be kitbashed, modified, used elsewhere, whatever, just give the ole original editor some credit. Since it was created freely, I ask that no profit be gained whatsoever from it, since you will be stepping on some toes aside from mine.

In the ODF, you will notice that the race is "federation". But add it to any race you like.

I have included a wireframe and build button and a special weapon! Im not sure of Serenity's weapons, however I am sending the hp map so go for what you know.


Model - Original mesh by wildcard621 using Milkshape 3d (chumbalum Studios)
Copied from Zoic Studios renders
ODF - Original from me
Texture & model inspiration - Zoic Studios
Texture modification using The GIMP ( and Irfanview ( and Windows Paint.
Lighting-TXD Workshop (

Renders of Serenity courtesy of and Zoic studios.

Legal stuff:

Firefly is copyright Fox and Mutant Enemy.
Serenity is copyright Universal Pictures and Barry Mendel Productions. No infringement is intended.

©2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.

TM, ®, © 2001 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. © 2001 Activision, Inc.  Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997-2001 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.  This product is intended solely for private home use.  Public performance or other use is expressly prohibited.

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