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This is a new mod from Archer Scott which makes several changes/additions to the Cardassians.




In an attempt to orchestrate another bid to take over the galaxy, the Cardassian Union decide to make some choices about their current armada.

Largely in part because there is a new leader Gul Skullard who wants Cardassia to be an Alpha Quadrant power. He'll stop at nothing to get his people back to power. The uprising he led was shortly after 8472 agents stole plans to their torpedo turrets and used the stolen designs to destroy several Cardassian colony worlds.

With the government in disarray, Skullard swept to power and the fleet has been altered to his specifications with his quick mind and like of chess. He has disbanded the Detapa Council and elected a new ruling body - his close friends!

The first casualty was the Sartan Class, to be replaced by a new fighter class. Skullard wanted to keep the Damar/Galor thing going on with the newer designs and so Fort Class is a mini-Keldon. 
His like of the Keldon Class is obvious - one is his flagship but this is bigger than standard Keldons, with upgrades.

Plus the Keldons will be the only staple battleship apart from his own cruiser.

Secondly the Galor Class is relegated to serve as the assault ship, replacing Janissary Class. 
Skullard, like most Cardassians, loves the Galor but it is getting older so it will continue to have an active role for now. 
Galors will be built from the normal shipyard.

Vasad Class is upgraded with Shield Inversion Beams and require only a single officer as they are weak and merely meant to 
engage the hostiles until the Keldons arrive.

Gul Vystan become the new tough cruiser, it is no longer used for secret meetings and so the cloak has been removed.

Brinok Class is the staple covert ship and as such is slightly downgraded as a result - you don't want to loose your good ships if they get caught!!. 

Orbital miners are now quicker. And new items to trade are included too!

The Dreadnought Missile is built out of the Advanced Shipyard but you need Level 3 Weapons Upgrade to get them.
You do not need the super station. This saves on officers/resources - a cunning move by a leader who knows seconds count in getting your armada ready.

To upgrade your Cardassian fleet please see below: 

You will be overwriting files so remember to back up your existing files or use the new names if you want old and new!


Place the ships folder into ArmadaII/odf/ships and say yes to all overwrites. 
Golden rule: Say yes!

Place the stations folder into ArmadaII/odf/stations and say yes.
**The overwritten stations will build all the new vessels and omit any unused ships/stations!**

Special note: Janissary Class and the super station are not replaced they are simply omitted.


Simply place the files to overwrite the current cdestroy2.

odf - odf/ships
SOD - SOD folder
bitmap - Bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages


rename all files cdestroy3 and do as above. Locate a starbase or shipyard and place the following:

buildItemXX = "cdestroy3"  XX = next number in line.


odf - odf/ships
SOD - SOD folder
bitmap - Bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages.

4) WIREFRAMES 			for all ships:

Gul Skullard

cskullw1			cardwireframe04	0	96	48	48		
cskullw2			cardwireframe04	48	96	48	48		
cskullw3			cardwireframe04	96	96	48	48		
cskullw4			cardwireframe04	144	96	48	48		
cskullw5			cardwireframe04	192	96	48	48

Fort Class (replacing Sartan Class)
cdestroy2w1			cardwireframe04	0	96	48	48		
cdestroy2w2			cardwireframe04	48	96	48	48		
cdestroy2w3			cardwireframe04	96	96	48	48		
cdestroy2w4			cardwireframe04	144	96	48	48		
cdestroy2w5			cardwireframe04	192	96	48	48

Fort Class (as a seperate ship)

cdestroy3w1			cardwireframe04	0	96	48	48		
cdestroy3w2			cardwireframe04	48	96	48	48		
cdestroy3w3			cardwireframe04	96	96	48	48		
cdestroy3w4			cardwireframe04	144	96	48	48		
cdestroy3w5			cardwireframe04	192	96	48	48


Locate techtree folder, open tech1.tt:

To replace Sartan Class copy and paste the following over the existing entry:

cdestroy2.odf 1 cyard.odf                           // destroyer (fort class)

To replace Dreadnought Missile requirements copy and paste this over the existing entry:

csuper.odf    2 cupgrade.odf carpod21.odf	          // super (dreadnought missile)

To have Fort Class as a seperate ship, add after last Cardie ship:

cdestroy3.odf 1 cyard.odf                           // destroyer (fort class)

Now add after the last cardie ship:

cskull.odf    1 cturret.odf			    // battleship (keldon upgrade class)

Save and close, now open full tech.tt and add after last Cardie ship

cskull.odf 0

And if keeping Sartan Class add:
cdestroy3.odf 0

That's it - now the galaxy could be yours under the rule of a new powerful leader! For the union!!


Archerscott - all odf changes.

Activision - all stock models and textures.

I have simply tweaked what was in-game to give the Union a makeover!!

There's a lot of overwrites but I thought newbies might like a practice of this - you can change the game so much!!

**ATTENTION (mostly to newbies and those people who don't think!)**

Although the stock models are not mine, please refrain from using any names/weapons I make up in your own mods.

Ask if you wish to do this.

Please do not create addons that you intend to post without asking me first too. 

Thank you. Manners make an amazing community!


(e-mail for contact/questions jake.deanAThotmail.com (replace AT with @ to send.)

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