Fusion Sphere

First, take a Borg Sphere. Then, take another different Sphere. Okay, six in total. Put 'em together (as only the Borg Queen can), what do...


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First, take a Borg Sphere. Then, take another different Sphere. Okay, six in total. Put 'em together (as only the Borg Queen can), what do you get? A fusion Sphere!

This little mod adds nothing new in terms of models, but as simple .ODF mods go, you can't ask for much more. Well, okay, you really could. Like more powerful weapons. Each stock Borg Sphere has a single phaser and a torpedo launcher. The fusion cube fires eight beams (from eight cubes-- get it?) and NO torpedoes. It also maintains the standard 'regeneration' special weapon. So really, it doesn't do a whole lot more than eight spheres working in a formation would do. It just does them in a bigger ship.

At least it enjoys what I consider to be its most credible asset: a complete set of details (admiral's log pic, how to add the stock wireframe, easy to follow instructions).

Give this one a shot if you're looking for something new from the Borg.


- the Kid

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Download 'fusion_sphere.zip' (281KB)

    ______                        ______  
THE |        |     |  ______ |   /      \  |\    |          ______   _____         _____  ____   _____
    |___     |     |  |      |   |      |  | \   |          |        |    |  |   | |      |   |  |
    |        |     |  |____  |   |      |  |  \  |          |____    |____|  |___| |_     |___|  |__
    |        |_____|      |  |   |      |  |   \ |               |   |       |   | |      |\     |
                      ____|  |   \______/  |    \|          _____|   |       |   | |___   | \    |____

                                         'ONE STEP CLOSER TO PERFECTION'


1.Add 'bcruise4.odf' to the ships folder in the odf folder

2.Replace the original 'bcruise1.odf' with the modified version, or add these lines to the original:

// fuse the spheres
weaponX = "gsphereIntegrator" 
weaponHardpointsX = "hp01" "hp06" "hp11" "hp16" "hp21" "hp26" 

replace 'x' with the next number in the sequence

3.Add the 'gsphereintegrator.odf' to the special weapons folder in the odf folder

4.Add these lines to 'gui_global.spr' in the Sprites folder


bcruise4w1			borgwireframe01	0	96	48	48		
bcruise4w2			borgwireframe01	48	96	48	48		
bcruise4w3			borgwireframe01	96	96	48	48		
bcruise4w4			borgwireframe01	144	96	48	48		
bcruise4w5			borgwireframe01	192	96	48	48

//NOTE: Add this line with all the other special weapons

b_gsphereintegrator	gbcubeintegrator00	0	0 	64	64

5.Add the 'Bcruise4.sod' to the SOD folder

6.Add 'brcuise4.bmp' to the Shipimages folder in the Admiral's Log folder in the bitmaps folder

7.Add these lines to 'tech1.tt' 

<under borg ships>

bcruise4.odf 0 

<under borg special weapons>

gsphereIntegrator.odf    0

8.Add the lines above to 'fulltech.tt', but put them with the other borg stuff

9.THAT's IT!!!! (i think...)


The Fusion sphere is 8 borg spheres fused into 1. It is more powerful than 8 spheres, and makes a good attacking and defending ship.

Neither Activision nor I can be held responsible for any damage caused to your machine with the use of these files, not that they actually cause damage. 

People can use the fusion sphere, as long as credit is given to me, Jarodious Maximus.

P.s. To read the heading, put this file in fullscreen.

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