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"What was that we just destroyed then?" "That would be the hubble telescope, sir." "What is THAT then?" "That would be the enemy mothersh...


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"What was that we just destroyed then?" "That would be the hubble telescope, sir." "What is THAT then?" "That would be the enemy mothership, sir."

For some bizarre reason, I felt in the mood for a quote from Futurama, your favourite futuristic cartoon set in the year 3000 and, what better way to express your enjoyment of the series then with this collection of Futurama ships including the legendary Planet Express ship, the "Nimbus"- Zapp Brannigan's ship and the flagship for DooP, the Omicron Persei 8 mother ship and missile's. So you see, it really is "the world of tomorrow!"

Anyhow, details on the ships an be seen in the pictures below but before you start going on about how they look very cartoony, just remember where they came from. Granted, they shocked me on first look, the more I see them, the more they grow on me. From the look's of things, you'll have to make your own weapons for these, as these come with refrenced non-stock weapons. In this case, the Nimbus and Express ship use red lasers whilst the Nimbus also uses missiles/torpedoes could get away with it. The Mothership uses green lasers.

That does seem to be it, now, if you have any problems, follow the e-mail address in the readme, I'm off to deliver some packages to Omicron Persei 9.

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Download 'futurama.zip' (352KB)


This contains 4 ships from futurama
The planet express ship
The Nimbus
Omacronian Saucer
Omacronian missile

I havn't worked out how to change sounds jet

install instructions

1. .sods in the sod directory

2. odfs in the odf/ships folder

3. add
planex.odf 0
NIMBUS.odf 0
Oma.odf 0
omissile.odf 0

to the tech1 and fulltech techtrees 

4. add

tgas to the Textures/RGB folder

5. add

buildItemXX = "Planex" "NIMBUS" "Oma" "omissile"
to a construction yard (where XX is the next number in line from the previous one e.g/ buildItem1

activision, it's affiliates, sub-divisions or any other part of the company did not make this mod.

all startrek related items are copyrighted paramount

anyone can use this but please give me credit

If you have any problems or suggestions email me at [email protected]

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