Galactic Wars 2 Demo



This is the demo version of Galactic Wars 2. Further explanition can be found in the readme. A better description will come later, as I havn't even scratched the surface of this nice mod ;)




Galactic Wars II Demo version - for Armada II 1.1
Version 1.0A2 BETA

Thank you for downloading the Galactic Wars II Demo. This demo of the upcoming mod includes 4 of six alliances from the full mod - namely the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, the Delta Empires, the Galactic Star League and the Interstellar Alliance of Empires. These are the four original Alliances from Galactic Wars for Armada 1, but they have been revamped slightly. 

The full version of the mod will be including two more Alliances - the Trade Consortium and the Andromedan Confederation. For further information on these visit the Project STAR:MADA homepage - link further down this readme.

General information:
This mod has only one purpose: ACTION. If you have expected a „canon“ mod, you'll probably will be disappointed. Sure, we have taken a lot of ships from the Star Trek universe, and we have roughly put them in with appropiate weapons and size. But still the primary purpose of this mod is action, fun and playability. 

The new directory "miscallenous":
In this directory there are serveral extras for Galactic Wars II - like high resolution textures for GeForce or above graphic cards.
For this demo there is only one high resolution texture there. More to come for the Final.

This version is far from being complete - ie check the known issues section.

This mod comes with a WinZip self extracting EXE.
Select your ST:Armada II directory. Then press the unzip button. If prompted to overwrite files, do so.

Known issues:
-Not all ships have completly new sods and textures. (i.e. The Borg). This will be different in the full   
-Still missing Wireframes and build buttons.
-Tech tree is far from being developed correctly.
-AI is rather average, probably won't do anythign at all.
-Balancing is rather crude.

We hope you will still be able to enjoy this first released verison.

Main modders:
Challenger - mainly Alpha Quadrant Alliance, partially the other sides, some modelling and texturing.
Galaxy - mainly the Delta Empires, partially the other sides as well as wireframes and build buttons

Additional credits go to 
Deemon, Dark Razer,
Darkdrone, Borg124,
The Great one, Taldren (converted ships by Darkdrone),
Major A Payne, 9 of Nine

for model support

Galaxy (I don't know where I'd be without him..) and
my girlfriend (for trying to understand my Hobby ;-))
for moralic support

Contact Information:
<http://www.strategyplanet.com/starmada/fgx/stamada> - check out the STAR:MADA homepage for further information on Galactic Wars II and Conflict at Terellia:
We can usually be found at the STGN and Armada Universe Forums. - <http://stgn.scifi-forums.com/> <http://www.planetarmada.com/>

Challenger Email: [email protected] <>
Galaxy Email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
Challenger ICQ UIN: 53658226
Galaxy ICQ UIN: 93862356

This third-party addon is not made or supported by Activision or Maddoc Software.
Star Trek&#61668;,Star Trek&#61668;: The Next Generation, Star Trek&#61668;: Deep Space Nine,Star Trek&#61668;: Voyager and Star Trek&#61668;: Armada are property of their respective owners.
Neither we (Project STAR:MADA) nor Activision,Paramount or Maddoc Software take responsibility for damage caused by this 3rd party addon. Use at your own risk.

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