Galant Class

A small starship for the federation :)


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A small starship for the federation :)

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Galant Class By Bombomadil
Hello. here is my galant class ship for a2 .this is my first real mod so go easy.
this mod has odf, sod ,texture and build button(sorry no wireframe) for the galant.
if anyone wants to use this in the mods they can just credit to me

install instructions:
 1 put .odf into odf/ship directory
   put .tga's into textures/rgb directory
   put .sod into sod directory

 2 in of your techtree directory put the following ine with the rest of the
   fed ships

   fgalant.odf	0

   in gui_global.spr of your sprites directory put the following line @reference 64
   with the other fed build buttons

   b_fgalant		gbfgalant	0	0	64	64

   go to fyard.odf/fyard2.odf/fbase.odf of odf/stations and scroll down till you 
   see the build list and add this line

   buildItemx = "fgalant"
   (where x put the next consecutive number)

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