Galaxy Refit



This refits the games original galaxy odf with a new one. The new galaxy is a war machine. It has the borg holding beam and transwarpdrive, romulan phase cloak, species nebulae generation, federation carbonite reflector and Holo-generator from the incursion. It also never runs out of special. It comes equip with quantom torpedos and starbase weaponry. Its shields have also been substantially boosted and the crew is placed at 1200. This is a base killer The best part of all there is only 1 file need to be added!



hey this is a great ship plz make a backup of your old galaxy class plz and i have no act if
somthing happens ok get the deal

ok put the .odf file in your odf/ships file
make a backup of the old galaxy class!!! because this is a beta and i will put more updates!
that is all you do ok run the game and kick some borg ass but not borg picard ok!!
if any problems i will update the ship email me at [email protected] ok

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