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This is the Galaxy X class seen in the final Star Trek: The Next Generation episode [URL=


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This is the Galaxy X class seen in the final Star Trek: The Next Generation episode All Good Things.... This is a modest recreation of it, but it lacks fine tuning. Good job, but with a little tweaking, this could look excellent!


In order for this mod to work tyou must move two files.

After extracting the .exe, lok for the two files inside Armada 2/odf/weapons, and place them inside the Phasers folder.

Thanks to Steven Hale for the tip :)

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Download 'galaxyxbychokotay.exe' (632KB)

Galaxy X CLASS
Thank you for downloading the Galaxy X CLASS ship for Armada 2.This ship is cannon you can see it in the TNG episode all good things.To install it just extract it to your Armada Directory.It will ask you if you want to overwrite some files just say yes.

WARNING!!!!-If you have a mod installed now chances are this will ruin your current copy of Armada2 and you will have to reinstall.If you want to install it with a mod scroll down.

Installing over a current mod.
How do I do it?

Well if you want to use this ship in a mod that you have it is alittle difficult.
0.[Yes zero is infact a number :-) ] to edit the files I list below you will have to right click on the file then open up the properties window and uncheck "read only".

1.Put the sods into the sod folder

2.Put the Textures into the texture/rgb folder

3.Put the fgalx ODF file (NOT THE SHIPYARD!!!) into the ODF/ships directory.Now here comes the hard part.

4.Go into the sprites folder in your root Armada2 directory.Then open up the GUI Global file.Scroll down to "# Federation build buttons @reference=64
@tmaterial=default" and copy and paste this line in.
b_fgalx			gfgalx		0  	0   	64  	64

Then at the 
# Federation wireframes


Paste this in.

fgalxw1			fedwireframe01	0	48	48	48		
fgalxw2			fedwireframe01	48	48	48	48		
fgalxw3			fedwireframe01	96	48	48	48		
fgalxw4			fedwireframe01	144	48	48	48		
fgalxw5			fedwireframe01	192	48	48	48	

(that will just give it the Galaxy wireframe but it is better than nothing.

5.Open up the Techtree folder and you will find some files called "fulltech" and "tech1" go into those and copy and paste the following lines (the beginning is fine)
fgalx.odf 0

6.(almost done!!)Now go into the ODF file then into the stations file intil you find a file called "fyard2".Open it then go down intil you see something LIKE (it might not be exactly the same!!)
//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "ffrigate"
buildItem1 = "fgalaxy"
buildItem2 = "fspecial"
buildItem3 = "fbattle"
at the end add buildItem* = "fgalx" Be sure to replace the * at the end of Item with the number you are on.In my case 4.So it will look like

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "ffrigate"
buildItem1 = "fgalaxy"
buildItem2 = "fspecial"
buildItem3 = "fbattle"
buildItem4 = "fgalx"

NEED HELP? ICQ me at 137586924 or E-Mail me at 
[email protected]

Activison for making a GREAT game designed 
for the modders.

Oh yeah just incase you are wondering who I am :shouts: I AM CHAKOTAY OF STAMODS!!!!!:  :-)


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