Gallus Class Colony Ship

This is the best Cardassian ship I have ever seen. I probablly said that about the construction ship that Achilles did last time, but he did...


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This is the best Cardassian ship I have ever seen. I probablly said that about the construction ship that Achilles did last time, but he did a great job out-doing himself. This ship is gigantic. Because of that, the poly count is a little high, which is the only setback, but I'm sure everybody's upgraded for D3 or HL2 already right? Anyway, this ship is a great download, and this would be near the top of the therotical "must download" list for Armada 2.

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Cardassian Gallus Class Colony Ship by Wrath of Achilles

This is a very large Colony ship. fairly heavily shielded and very well
armed. The model was built to look like it holds thousands but I only
used 1000 crew for resource balance. This does not replaces the standard 
colony ship but adds an ectra optional one. Gallus is Latin for Elephant ;)


Move all folders (Textures, odf, SOD) to your Star trek armada 2 directory

Open gui_global.SPR and scroll down to the cardassian build buttons.
add this line over the old ccolony button reference.

b_ccolony2			gbbccolony		0	0	64	64

Then in the wireframe section at the bottom add this line.

ccolony2w1			cardwireframe11		128	0	128	128

Open tech1.TT and add this line over the existing ccolony listing
(for neatness sake you can place with other Cardassian listings)

ccolony2.odf 2 cyard.odf cresear.odf 

Open cyard.odf and scroll down to the build list and add this after buildItem7

buildItem8 = "ccolony2"

Additional Information**

The Ship is massive as it is. thats how I wanted it but without modding
it is bigger than the yard that build it. STGamer2002's recomendation for a
more gamer freindly size is to change the scaleSod in ccolony2.odf from
1.8 to 1.25. 

The sod and textures will work in armada 1, file order will have to be changed
for the odfs and they will need editing quite a lot, Email me for help on this
if needed.

Feel free to use this in any mod so long as credit is given to me for the model
and textures, STGamerNew2002 for the button, wireframe and Admiral's log pic. 

Feel free to edit the textures/model/odfs in any way so long as credit is given.

Legal Stuff**

The material submitted with this readme is in no way connected to, or affiliated 
with Activision, its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other bodies 
directly or indirectly associated with the afore mentioned company. Therefore 
if the files contained in this mod cause damage to your system in any way then 
Activision cannot be held responsible or liable.



Thanks to STGamerNew2002 for the wireframe, build button and 
Admirals log picture, download pictue, also for his general opinions during 

Thanks to Major A Payne for suggesting the model and his opinions
during production.


Thanks, achilles


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