gluckmiester mod prerelease

this is a prerelease of gluckmiester mod



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this is a prerelease of gluckmiester mod


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changes made to original Armada2*****************************************************
-no warp---done

-ships travel slowly----done

-all ships have tractor beams----done

-all ships have speacial impulse engines that consume power but speed up ships---done

-all weapons cost 1 power unit each time they fire-----done only  4 phasers

-power does not recharge, special ships are used to repower vessels ecept for 
8472&borg...they are infinite----not done

-shipyards now recharge all ships in their vicinity-----not done

-all borg ,fed and cardie ships have multitarget capability and stronger shields;
 weapons are weaker----feds have multi target, borg have stronger shields, the rest is later

-all klingon, romulan, and 8472 have stronger weapons but weaker sheilds, and can only target
 1 ship at a time----8472 has weaker shields----the rest still has to be done

-some special weapons are activated automatically---not done

-removed the corbomine reflector, and the romulan shield draining thing---done
instal instructions*******************************************************************
easy... unzip to the odf section...override everything it asks
that is all......................

small tip make a copy of armada2 and install it there that way u can still play online 
and u dont have 2 reinstall the game if it nolonger works

also make sure ure installing it on a clean armada i dont know if it can mix with other mods

copyright activision
i take no responsibility if the mod screws up ure game
u can use the files in ure mod if u want... ure not obligated to ask me for 
them but i would prefer if u did

plz post comments if u want this changed
also plz tell me about any problems in my code
if any1 knows how to make a tractor beam work on a ship w/ engines functional plz tell me
for more info plz visit this thread:
code- for the time being me & activision but this will hopefully change as ppl begin to help
models- for the time being Activision but this will hopefully change as ppl begin to help

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