Goddess Class Starship

heres an....'interesting' federation ship, need some texture work,but its nice.


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heres an....'interesting' federation ship, need some texture work,but its nice.

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Download 'goddess_class_by_admiral_xtal_sparks.rar' (1.09MB)

Skillz Art Productions is proud to present the Goddess Class

Ship Design, Model, Textures, and odfs By Admiral Xtal Sparks

If anyone knows who the build button was orinally designed by please tell me and I'll give them credit because
I have no clue originally created it.

The USS Goddess is a heavy battlecruiser armed with a heafty commpliment of experimental tribolt and quadbolt torpedoes,
a cloak, and a the experimental quantum slipstream drive based on the research of the crew of the USS Voyager. 

Carnage Black Fleet Backstory

In 2389 the Carnage Black Fleet was founded by Admiral Xtal Ashton Sparks. The purpose of the founding of the 
Black Fleet was to defend the Federation if any hostile invasion of its territories should ever happen. Before
the Fleet was created, as Captain, Xtal was placed in command of a Saber Class starship named the USS Montana.
Before the maiden voyage as Captain Sparks made his final inspection of the Montana,he meet Admiral Erika Turner
and his future wife Commander Ri Tia Dorland. He sort of had a love at first sight situation going on and Ri
sort of felt the same way. Shortly after the launch of Montana he recieved a priory one destress signal from
the USS Crazy Horse saying that they were under attack by an unknown Borg vessel. He responded to the destress 
signal and as the Montana reached its position, the Crazy Horse had already been devestated and the only lifesigns
on board the ship were borg drones. He decided to make the order to destroy the Crazy Horse to prevent them from
gaining tactical information on the Federation defences. He scout the system for three days before finding the
vessel that attacked the Crazy Horse. Just as he was making order to set a coarse for back to Starfleet command
he was hailed by an Admiral from starfleet and keep an eye on the Borg vessel. Out of nowhere the Borg Vessel attack
and performed a similar onslaught of the Montana kill almost all hands but three. Luckly Xtal, his helmsmen and
best friend Lt. Regal Parker, and Ri barely survived. One of the bridge supports had fallen on Ri almost killing
her. Xtal and Regal managed to move the support beam off her and found that she was cut up and had a gash on her
forehead and some internal bleed. Xtal did the best he could to tend to his commanders injuries and waited for 
a rescue ship to arrive. The USS Enterprise E eventually arrived and rescued the three survivers and Ri was taken
to surgery. Two weeks after she recovered Commander Dorland went to the guest quarters of Captain Sparks. The two
began to talk and really connected with each other, so there relationship finally began. Eventually Captain Sparks
recieved command of his late fathers starship,the Galaxy Class starship USS Carnage NCC-99999. After recieving command
him and Commander Dorland sought out to take down the Borg Vessel that attacked the Montana and Crazy Horse with
a task force of Federation and Klingon Battleships and Cruisers. Swiftly Captain Sparks as the leader of the fleet
and the Carnage as the flagship they finally met the fearsome Borg Vessel that tormented him three weeks before.
Come to find out the vessel was a Fusion Cube that he miraculously survived. Swiftly the task force took down 
the Cube with minimal casualties. A year after the incident he was finally promoted to Admiral and he decided to
form his very on personal fleet under the noses of the Federation and vowed to prevent future incident that threatened
the Federation. He then married his beautiful Commander Dorland.   

Installation Instructions

Go to the Star Trek Armada 2 directory and place the files in the coresponding folders
Go to The folder named techtree and open the file tech1 and add this line

cfgoddess.odf	0

Open the file fulltech and put in the same line

Go to the folder labled Spirits and open the file named global_gui and add these lines

# Federation:CBF build buttons

b_cfgoddess			gbcfgoddess		0	0	64	64

If I've left any thing out I sorely aplogize. I'm not good with instructions

I have put all my heart into making this ship so please don't rip me of or may a blazing meteor crack you in the head.

Ain't I Just Mean. (^_^)

Well I hope you like The Goddess
Oh yeah the next version of this file I release the ship will actually have the Slipstream Drive.
Watch out for more of my future releases.


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