Gomtuu (Tin Man)

This is the Gomtuu or "Tin-Man" as it is known to the Federation. The Gomtuu is a living organism, the last of it's kind, and this mod ce...


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This is the Gomtuu or "Tin-Man" as it is known to the Federation. The Gomtuu is a living organism, the last of it's kind, and this mod certainly does so justice it's canon counterpart. It does feel strange when playing it in Armada 2 and actually could pass as a Species 8472 ship.. maybe Gomtuu was a distant cousin ;). What I really like about this mod is the energy wave which Gomtuu had in TNG, although this weapon won't repel enemies a few billion kilometers through space (remember the episode?). This energy wave is based on the Klingon Repulsion Wave that is fitted on the Fek'Lhr Class (it propels a ship in a direction, damaging it and disabling its engines) so in a way this weapon is much like the one that Gomtuu appears to have in the Tin Man episode. As for the ship's model detail and texturing, I really couldn't fault it, it looks just like Gomtuu (maybe a bit light on the colouring side)

However, to wrap it up nicely I will give this a thumbsup. It's not every day you get a rare ship like this which is implemented very well. Nice work slider17. :cool:

- IKS -

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Download 'gomtuu.zip' (223KB)

Gomtuu (Tin Man) mod for Star Trek Armada II:  Author Slider17

Gomtuu is the living ship from the TNG episode Tin Man.  It’s an enjoyable variation for an escort mission.  Or you could build a fleet of living ships.

Repeller Wave Weapon

This zip should include the following files:

(copy this to ..sod)
(copy this to ..odf/ships)
(copy these to ..odf/special_weapons)
(copy these to ..Textures/RGB)

That's it for the file list, now to finish the install:
(Note: Make sure files are not marked Read Only)

1. Open tech1.tt with notepad and add the following: 

gomtuu.odf	0
gtinman.odf	0

2. Now open the gui_global.spr file and copy these lines under the headings shown:

# General Buttons

b_gomtuu	gomtuub		0	0	64	64

# Special weapon buttons

b_gtinman	gbnebulaDilation	0	0	64	64

# Ship Wireframes

gomtuuw1	gomtuuw		0	0	128	128

3. Then you can add it as a starting unit, or put it in the map editor, ship yard, etc...

For example, open fed.odf in the .../odf/other folder and add:
standardUnits5 = "gomtuu.odf"	// Tin Man

If you want to contact me:

[email protected]

Gomtuu/Tin Man and all related Star Trek material is a copyright/trademark of Paramount, and/or parent corporations.  This material was not made or supported by Activision.  This material was not intended for profit nor was any infringement of intellectual property intended.  The author assumes no responsibility for the possession of, use of, or effects from this material.  Nor do I mind redistribution of this file in its original form.

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