Ground Zero Map



A 4 player map. There is no screnie on prupose because the author wanted you to go into the map and have no idea what was there. He gave a long report on the background of Ground Zero. Look below.


Ground Zero is an area in Federation space where many battles have been fought. The area encompasses one planetary system, a black hole a variety of nebulae and some asteroids. Due to unknown reasons there are some planets that remain stationary outside the system. These planets are rich in metal and can be sparsly populated. This area seems to carry with it an odd, but strong, sense of foreboding and death, causing many races to avoid this area. The history of Ground Zero goes back to the beginning of the Federation and has continued to the present day. During this time many ships from different races were rendered derelict due to the fighting. However because of the black hole in the area, over time all of these derelicts have been pulled in and destroyed. The planets in the nearby system had been stripped of all their resources, but a recent scientific experiment that was conducted in this system restored the resources to many of the planets and moons before their ship and information mysteriously disappeared for unknown reasons. The local inhabitants of the system have recently applied for and received Federation membership, and have requested protection from outside forces. The Federation has accepted and has requested the aide of the Klingon and Romulan governments in patrolling the system. No ship is permitted to land colonists on their planet, therefore rendering the third planet off limits to colonization.

There are many stories that revolve around Ground Zero, many say that the "ghosts" of those killed in battle in this system remain here to ensure that no further fighting takes place. Others say that this is a place where the gods from several different religions came and fought for universal supremacy. Still others say that this place is where a black hole collapsed in on itself and transformed the universe into what it is today. Whatever the reason for the impressions that are received from this system any Captain is advised to stray on the side of caution when entering Ground Zero.

Have fun :).



			      READ ME

This map is about my fith or sixth.  There is some history behind it so
I assume if you will read this you will raed the history as well.
I deliberately did not put a screenshot of the map in this file, I 
wanted the player to go into the sutuation where they had no idea 
what to expect.  I hope you enjoy this map.

If you wish to use this map in a mod contact me and get permission 

Installation instructions
Put Derek8map.bzn and the derek8map.txt in the bzn folder.

I am not responsible for any damage this file might do to your computer 
download at you own risk.

Build time: 4 hours 


I made everything

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