GTD Orion



This is a Orion Class Destroyer of the Galactic Terran Alliance.

Having played one heck of a lot of games from the original pac man to the first wonderful space sims like Wing Commander to the original Tie Fighter and up to the somewhat disappointing game play in todays games I have seen a lot of different ships come and go, but this is my all time favorite.

Stationed on the GTD Galatea in the Great War I was somewhat taken aback when my flight requested reinforcements the Galatea turned up and engaged in capital ship vs capital ship combat. Oh, it was puny plasma cannons compared to FS2 but it fought! It did what no other capital ship in a flight sim before or since had done (excluding FS2). It fought The GTA obviously didn't build their capital ships for the sole reason of having them be used as targets by little fighter squads.

And occasionally they died. The Galatea was disabled and met the SD Lucifer. A few beam cannon shots and the Galatea was no more. :( More than anything else in FreeSpace that made me worry about taking the Lucifer on!

The survivors were transfered to the GTD Bastion, another Orion class Destroyer. The Bastion did survive the great war.

In FS2 the Orion returned. Having had a few refits in the previous 32 years the Orions were still being phased out in favor of the newer GTD Hecate design. I just looked at the Hecate, looked at the Orion and wondered what had happened to the Hecate's design.

I liked the Orion, especially in dark lighting the ship looks good. The Hecate really didn't ever measure up. Of course, There were still plenty of Orions around to play their part in FS2 sporting their new Flak guns and beam cannons. While they might have been useful before they were now downright dangerous.

Oh, apart from the Bastion. My old command ship, and head of its fleet was converted to be a 2KM long collection of the largest bombs ever devised in the history of explosives in one of the last missions. The plan was to shove it down a jump node and then blow it up, taking the jump node with it. Oh, it worked but I have very rarely actually been regretful at losing a ship while playing a game. Especially when my mission objective was to make sure it made it to the node to blow up!

In fact, due to youtube you can even watch it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CkjNhXn770



~~~~~~GTD Orion Ship Addon Mod~~~~~

----Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Credits
IV. Other Stuff
V. Contact Info

----I: Introduction

~This mod will add on the GTD Orion class of starship as seen in Freespace 2. It is the Terran's choice
for capital ship combat, and is equipped with 3 small capital beam cannons and an anti-fighter cannon.

The model is extremely low poly, so FPS should not be a problem even with
300+ of any of the ships onscreen. The ship comes with a build button and
admiral's log pictures, but still lacks wireframes =P

----II: Installation

(If you've installed any other Freespace addon mod, you may have to overwrite files)

Step 1: Place the files into thier correct places. This means whatever is in this mod's
ODF folder goes in your ODF folder, and so on. You shouldn't be overwriting any files,
so copying the folders directly should work fine.

Step 2: Open your GUI_Global file in your Armada 2 Sprites folder.
Search for this line:

b_fspecial			gbfspecial		0	0	64	64	

Once you've found it, add the following line underneath it:

b_Tbattle		TbattleBuild	0	0	64	64

Next find this line:

b_ghologen		gbhologen		0	0	64	64

Once you've found it, add the following lines underneath:

b_TtransientRift		gbquanteffect00	0	0	64	64		
b_Tregen			gbregen00		0  	0	64	64			
b_Tselfdes			gbselfdes00		0	0	64	64		

Step 3: Save the changes to your GUI_Global file and open up ur tech1 file in the Armada2 techtree folder.
Scroll all the way to the bottom (or wherever you choose to place this line) and add the following:

//Terran Capital (GTD Orion)
TBattle.odf 0
gdetectt.odf 0
TtransientRift.odf 0
Tselfdes.odf 0
Tregen.odf 0

***Note that if you've already installed the GTVA Colossus, merely add "Tbattle.odf 0"***

Step 4: Save the changes to the tech1 file. Now open up your favorite shipyard and add the following line 
under where it has the builditem list:

buildItemX = "Tbattle"

The X stands for the # after the last one in the builditem list of the shipyard.

Step 5: Start up Armada 2 and enjoy!

----III: Credits

Original Models: Ultimate Dragon
Textures: Ultimate Dragon
ODF, SOD, TGA : Ultimate Dragon
Build Button and Admirals Log pic: Ultimate Dragon

----IV: Other Stuff

~^_^ Check my other mods out! (Especially Sathanas 2.0 & GTVA Colossus ;) )

~If anyone would like to challenge the validity of this model or any other model, I will
happily provide proof to the questionee. 

----V. Contact Info

Ultimate Dragon can be reached by:

MSN/Email: [email protected]
Commenting under this file

Please do not keep asking about the Halo mod, as stated above I'm trying to get it
re-posted. Also, please don't randomly add me to your MSN buddy list unless you
need a serious question answered.

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