Hells Door Map Pack



Here is a decent map pack for Armada 2. There are two maps, each with a size of 14,000x14,000 blocks. Both maps are pretty similar. The first one has a wormhole and the second has more nebulae. There are lots of planets and plenty of resources so that when you play the map, you can collect resources to your heart's content so that you can build your massive fleet and unleash it upon your enemies!



Name of map: Hells Door© and Hells Door2© (the map dont live up to its name)

size of map: 14000 by 14000

time spent on map: 12 hours

maker of map: The_Predator

to install place here C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

this is my first map spend 3 hours fixing the bugs so now there is NONE then 9 hours updating.

would like to thank the 11th clan for there help with the map 

sign: EnsEvil-11thFleet-

Plz do Not modify this map with OUT my permision

Hells Door is a copyright of the 11th fleet all rights reserved 

copyright 2005-2008

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