Honey, I Blue Up My Shields

honeyiblueupmyshields.zip —


Yep, Edmund has done it again and come up with a fantastic name for this mod, but unfortunatly he didnt test it out! I gave it a quick spin, but since i havent got time to properly take a look i cant tell you if theres any bugs in it. Worth checking out. 10/10 on creativity though, just for the name :p



----------------------------------Read Me------------------------------

Rules : shove the TGA file into the RGB foler and over rite 
the other one in the RGB file


Credits :  Me


Email Me :

[email protected]


Q & A

Q1. What does this thing do?

A1. I belive this thing gives you blue shields aposed to the
normal shields no i ain't tested it couldn't be bothered
pluse don't have the game installed

Q2. which armarda is this compatable with 

A2. as far as i know armarda 2 only

Q3. Does this work on V 1.0 & 1.1

A3. ah your a safe bet with V 1.0 don't know about V 1.1

Q4. Will this work with anyother mod?

A4. Ah probley actualy I don't know and don't care


Thanks to : 

A2files for hosting the file 


You for downloading the file & I hope you like it Thanks

Thank You, 

	Christopher Edmund

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