Hyperion class

This is the subject of Pizza the Hutt's recent naming competition here on A2Files.

Some time ago I was wondering how a ship like...


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This is the subject of Pizza the Hutt's recent naming competition here on A2Files.

Some time ago I was wondering how a ship like the Nebula class would have looked like back in the TMP era. I came across the Conelly class for Starfleet Command, but it had too many poly to port it into ArmadaII and I also found the weapons pod too tiny. So I decided to design my own ship by kitbashing various of P81's TMP era ships. I was very satisfied with the result and all I needed was a name for it. I got plenty of suggestions from the community and finally choose Hyperion class.

Congratulations to CanadianBorg for coming up with the winning name.

Download this one now.


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Download 'hyperion.zip' (1.09MB)

Hyperion Class by Pizza The Hutt
Known flaws: wireframe not perfect, damage textures not correct. No Borg textures


	Copy the file fhyperion.sod into the SOD folder
	Copy the .tga files into the Textures > RGB folder
	Copy the file fhyperion.odf into the ODF > ships folder
	Copy the file fhyperion.bmp into the Bitmaps > Admiralslog folder

	Open the file fyard2.odf or fyard.odf (whichever shipyard you want the ship
	To be built from) and insert the line: buildItemXX = "fhyperion" under 
	build Parameters below the last ship to be build
	XX being the next unused number 

	Save that file

	Open "tech 1" from the Techtree folder and insert this line:

	fhyperion.odf      1 fyard2.odf           // Hyperion class 

	Save this file, open "fulltech.tt" and insert the following line 
	fhyperion.odf 0

	Then save and open "GUI_global.spr" from the sprites folder 

	Then add this line under federation build buttons:

	b_fhyperion       gbffhyperion     0     0   64   64

There is a wire frame, it is not perfect, but at least there is one 
just add this line into the gui global under wireframes

	fhyperionw1				fhyperionwire	40	0	40	40
	fhyperionw2				fhyperionwire	0	40	40	40
	fhyperionw3				fhyperionwire	40	40	40	40
	fhyperionw4				fhyperionwire	80	0	40	40
	fhyperionw5				fhyperionwire	0	0	40	40

This ship is a kitbash of P81's Constitution, Miranda, and Excelsior class.
Ship names and class name by the Armada community.

Thank you for downloading this ship.

You are allowed to include it in your mod.

Have fun!!!

Pizza the Hutt

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