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Well, you wanted a winner and this was the staff's choice! The monstrously armed (and sized) Ibis Class is the Romulan's equivalent of the H...


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Well, you wanted a winner and this was the staff's choice! The monstrously armed (and sized) Ibis Class is the Romulan's equivalent of the Hutet or the Excalibur or anything huge along those lines. She takes a very long time to build but has over 20 weapons ports (less than the other highly anticipated Klingon ship, which has somewhere in the region of 42) that prove that this goliath of a ship can hold its own. Whilst the initial design was my own, Achilles has taken it (and it was simple, very simple) and made it a shape of its own, although possibly wavering on the side of the Imperials from Star Wars, but keeping it Romulan. The stunning texture job also helps. I mean, look at the Romulan writing on the side of the wings? In short, the whole thing is great. Not to put down other designs of course because there were some very innovative, fun and downright silly (yes, I'm talking about the Klingon-cannon!) ships that all took our eye, but unfortunately some were not entered, however I'm sure we'll seem them in the future, so look out for them!

Actual contents in this file are model, textures, extensive odf's (main plus weapons) complete with build button and wireframe on the end. As mentioned previously, she is balanced in cost and time (over a minute, enough time to put the kettle on or to grab a donut) but will give the enemy what-for. Expect them to be un-happy when you run one or two of these into the enemy base. Of course, that's not to say she isn't a target. She may have a cloak, but she is huge, don't forget that. Still, it's all a bit of fun and we give this winner full marks! Download now for birthday treats!

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Download 'ibisclass.zip' (918KB)

Romulan Ibis Class command cruiser for ST:Armada 2 by Wrath of Achilles

This ship was designed by our very own Joel/Joelteon7 quite a while ago, I meshed it out and then left it (I have a habbit of this). The
recent birthday contest spurred me to texture and port this monster of a ship and here it is, very well armed aswell.


Move all folders (Textures, odf, SOD, bitmaps) to your Star trek armada 2 directory

Open gui_global.SPR in your sprites directory and scroll down to the romulan build 
buttons. Add this line amongst the ships.

b_ribis				gbribis		0	0	64	64

Then in the wireframe section at the bottom add these lines.

Then in the wireframe section at the bottom add these lines.

ribisw1			ribwireframe	0	0	256	256
ribisw2			ribwireframe	0	0	256	256
ribisw3			ribwireframe	0	0	256	256
ribisw4			ribwireframe	0	0	256	256
ribisw5			ribwireframe	0	0	256	256

Open tech1.TT in your techtree folder and add this line.
(for neatness sake you can place with other Romulan listings)

ribis.odf  2 ryard2.odf rresear2.odf

Open ryard2.odf in your odf/stations directory and scroll down to the build list and add 
this after buildItemx (where x is the last number)

buildItem4 = "ribis"

remember to keep the build list in descending sequence.

All is done, enjoy.

Additional Information**

In the spirit which this ship was created this ship is only to be hosted at www.armada2files.com

at 2120 polies this ship is fine for a dreadnought and should not pose any problems for low end machine users.

The sod and textures will work not work in armada 1, Email me for help on this
if needed.

Feel free to use this in any mod so long as credit is given to me for the model
and textures and Joelteon7 for the design.

Feel free to edit the odfs in any way so long as credit is given, please contact me
if you wish to alter the model or textures.

Legal Stuff**

The material submitted with this readme is in no way connected to, or affiliated 
with Activision, its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other bodies 
directly or indirectly associated with the afore mentioned company. Therefore 
if the files contained in this mod cause damage to your system in any way then 
Activision cannot be held responsible or liable.



Thanks to Joelteon7 who is still happy to chat no matter how long I go awol for.

Thanks to the community in general, supporting a great site for so long.


Thanks, achilles
[email protected]

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