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It's finally here, and it looks every bit as spectacular as you could hope.

The Imperial Retribution Class Battleship is a massive ship. Most Imperial citizens would never see one in their lives, and those that do, are struck in awe at its beauty and size, and not to mention the payload it carries. Most, if not all, Retributions are millennia old, if not more. The battleships of the Gothic sector fleet are thought to be from the earliest days of the Imperium.

Armed with torpedoes, broadsides of 12 cannons, lances, and smaller weaponry dotted about the extremely thick hull and encased in it's strong Void Shields, the Retribution battleship is not a foe to be taken lightly, and in Trek terms, it should take a fleet or two to take down at least.

A full mod here -- with a full set of details. Make the Immortal Emperor proud and download this one right now.




Retribution Class Battlecruiser
Battlefleet Gothic
by Ragnar

This model was made by me completely from scratch, using only references from the BFG Rulebook and pictures from the Internet. I apologise for no build button, A-Log image or wireframe.

WARNING: If your computer cannot handle 2048x2048 textures, I wouldn't recommend a download. Though it runs fine for me, and most people have a decent Graphics card these days...

The Retribution Class Battlecruiser is a truly massive ship, and only two are in service to Battlefleet Gothic. A fearsome opponent, this goliath of a ship is capable of reducing enemy ships to molten slag in a matter of seconds from a full broadside.

As such, this ship isn't exactly balanced to A2 starships and more so to my own mod, so don't expect one ship to last long against this beast. Also you might want to scale it yourself, if you find its too big. Though using reference material, this should be roughly 4.5 times larger than a Sovereign class starship (It IS about 5km long)

Contained within this are:
**SOD Files**

**ODF Files**



Assorted names...

===How To Install using Default Directory (C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada II)===

1. Copy all SOD files to your SOD Folder
2. Copy iretrib.odf to your ODFShips folder
3. Copy ipulse.odf, ipulseo.odf, ipulse2.odf, ipulse2o.odf, itorp1.odf, and itorp1o.odf (trust me, its the right place) to your ODFWeaponsPulse folder
4. Copy iphas.odf and iphaso.odf to your ODFWeaponsPhasers folder
5. Copy iret1.tga, iret2.tga, wiphaser.tga and wipulse.tga to your TexturesRGB folder
6. Copy aexp2.wav to your soundseffects folder

7. Go to your Sprites folder and open weapon.spr and find this entry:

# End new weapons


Below this add in these lines:

# Imperium Pulse
iphaser           wpulse          0       0       42      32
itorp		wipulse		0	0	128	32
ipulse		wipulse		0	31	128	32

And also:

# Imperium Lance
wiphaser    	wiphaser    	0       0       128     32      @anim=tex1x4

Save it.
8. Go to your techtree folder and open fulltech.tt and add the following lines:

iretrib.odf	0

Save it.

9. Go to your techtree folder and open tech1.tt and add the following lines:

iretrib.odf	0

Save it.

10. Go to your ODFStations folder and open up fyard2.odf (or whatever race's yard you want to give this to) and locate this section:

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "ffrigate"
buildItem1 = "fgalaxy"
buildItem2 = "fspecial"
buildItem3 = "fbattle"

Add under this:
buildItem# = "iretrib"

Where # is the number next after the previous (in this case, buildItem4)

Save it.

Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy it.

Any problems, pm me on the forums or something =]



PartnersInRhyme http://www.partnersinrhyme.com for the aexp2.wav

And to Pille, for convincing me to make this into a single release


All files included are for personal use only, and can not be bought or sold for profit. Neither can they be modified or edited without the permission of me, the Author. So please, use with fun and care ;] Or I'll hunt you down. Really I will. =D

Copyright Information

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All original designs are copyright © Paramount Pictures.

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No infringement of Paramount's or Games Workshop's copyrights is intended.

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