Incursion Class

A replacement for the stock Incusion Class ship.


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A replacement for the stock Incusion Class ship.

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USS Lethe DRV (Diplomatic/Recon Vessel)
After the success of the Defiant Class it seems that more designs are being created that look very similair. As a result the prototype of this vessel class was put into full production. To date three other vessels of this class are in operation. All but one, though, have the same strengths and weaknessess. The final vessel has been renamed as the USS Incursion, after the original vessel of this name was ambused and destroyed by a Reman taskforce. It is now the only vessel in Starfleet with a "Holo-Generator" as its standard equipment.

Release Details
Poly Count:	1276
Built Time:	Aprox 2 days. (total time around 14 hours)
Texture Set:	6* high detailed (512*512) Truevision tarGA based texture files.

- USS Lethe, concept, design, mesh and texture set originally created by Jay "NightShadow" Seals. Released Through (Also available from
- This low poly game compatible model recreation by Major A Payne. Texture set created using renders of the above credited model.

You download this model and its associated texture files with the following understanding:
1) That you will not distribute any part of this zip in any capacity for any means of profit.
2) That you will refrain from editing any part of the mesh and/or textures without permission from the original creator of this work.
3) Any image usage or reconversions/additional usage will carry the above credits.

If you are agreeable to these points the feel free to use this. If not then you are politely asked to remove it from your pc.

In the event of any necessary contact then please use the following methods:
- ICQ: UIN60839084

Thankyou for downloading this release.

Major A Payne

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